Chocolate chip cookies are a classic treat, and for a party or a bake sale you really can’t go wrong with those soft, chewy confections.  And though they’re a classic, there are as many variations of chocolate chip cookies are there are pebbles in a stream.

These are no ordinary chocolate chip cookies! They're big and packed with yummy chips, nuts, and cookie flavor.

Personally, I think all versions of this cookie have their time and place – and I’ll readily confess to using pre-made Nestle Tollhouse dough when I have a big batch to make – but this recipe is my all. time. favorite.  It’s homemade, and tastes it… you know what I mean.

The recipe calls for walnuts, and I love cookies with nuts, but you could leave them out if you’re allergic or just don’t like nuts.  The cookies will be a bit sweeter without the nut flavor in there to temper the chocolate, but they’ll still be the best cookies you have this year, if not ever.


Don’t skip toasting the walnuts!  You might be tempted to… but don’t.  Just trust me.  Toasting them brings out this amazing flavor that you want in your cookies.  Just heat up a skillet, toss the nuts in, and stir until you smell the aroma.  You’ll know it when you smell it.

The best thing about these cookies?  They’re BIG.  When you scoop these babies out, you’re not using a tablespoon at a time, you’re making big honkin’ piles.  The advantages of this are awesome.  First, and foremost, big cookies.  Second, I can fit all the cookies on 2 cookie sheets, stick them both in the oven, and be done with it.  No running back and forth to the kitchen every 16 minutes to put in a new sheet.


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