Our daughter E’s hair is out of control. However, I don’t want to cut it, so I’m on a mission to find something that will help manage it.

Thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest there are no shortage of recipes available, but I really didn’t want to waste time experimenting. Luckily I stumbled on a post in which a fellow blogger (no longer active) had gone through the trouble for me! I decided to go straight to the water and conditioner combo and add a couple of my go-to ingredients.


I filled the squirt bottles about 2/3 of the way up with warm water.  (I have no idea if warm or cold matters, but I’d just done dishes so the water came out hot.)  I added a couple teaspoons of apple cider vinegar because I, too, am obsessed with vinegar. Then I added a generous squeeze of my favorite conditioner and about 10 drops of tea tree oil. The tea tree oil is good for keeping lice away – a must have for kids in day care or young school aged children.

Another product we would get but cost more is “Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Lice Prevention Conditioning Spray”. Not only does it help detangle hair, is great for curly hair but also helps repel lice. For those who have multiple kids in the family, a few sprays of anything with rosemary, tea tree oil or mint will help keep your children from getting lice, if there is ever an outbreak in your area.

Depending on your budget, you might find it easier to make your own spray. Our daughter E’s hair is curly and very cute which is why we don’t want to cut it too short. She’s also only 4 years old and wants long hair.