I woke up one day recently and just had to organize everything.  (No, I’m not pregnant.)  The kitchen was frustrating me the most, so I decided to start there.  It’s a work in progress at my house – I’ll share another day – but here are 31 of the coolest ideas I found while I was searching for inspiration.  Some are super easy and super cheap, some are not.  And let me apologize that they’re in random order… I was sharing as a I went!

Check out these awesome kitchen hacks that will help you make the most of your small kitchen.

There are many different ideas that can help you save space for your small kitchen. I remember our first apartment and how small the kitchen was. We had to get very creative just to make enough room to have a small microwave. My hope is that some of these ideas will not only help you save space but also help you stay organized. Having an organized kitchen will definitely help your overall mood and stress levels. Those of us with children can understand how a messy kitchen can lead to additional (unneeded) stress.

Under Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas
From A Thousand Words

How to build under cabinet drawers to increase kitchen storage
Family Handyman

Inside Kitchen Cabinet Pin Board For Hanging Measuring Cups
My So Called Home

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas & Notice Boards
Simple Effects

Get Chalk Board Paint – very easy to use. Just paint on any flat surface and you’ve got yourself a chalk board.

Simple Kitchen Storage Racks For The Baker In The Family
I Am Baker

Magnetic Spice Jars
One Lucky Pickle

Best Way To Organize Baking Sheets
Two Twenty One

Get File Organizers To Help You Organize Your Baking Sheets

Cutting Board Storage Idea
Smartaleck Studio

Get hanging organizer to help keep your cutting boards organized, rather than throwing them into a shelf.

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