4 words that can turn your world upside down: Your child is sick. Of course you want world class medical care, but what else does your sick child need?

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As a parent, there are 4 words you never want to hear; Your child is sick.

More than anything else, parents want their kids to be healthy.  Even before they’re born, we talk about whether we want a boy or a girl, blue eyes or green, and who’s temperament she’ll have… but above it all, is health.

And with 4 little words, your life can be turned upside down.

When Miss O was born 8 weeks early, we were utterly and completely lost.  We quickly learned medical jargon and became intimately familiar with the inner workings of a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  It was terrifying, but we knew we had to be strong for our little girl.

At 2 lbs 5 oz she proved that you don’t have to be big to be strong.  We used to say that she was small but mighty, something she continues to show us every day.

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In a way we were lucky that her illness came so early in her life.  She wasn’t aware she was sick.  She wasn’t missing out on anything, like school, field trips, dance recitals, and friendships.  And she didn’t have to come to terms with being a “sick kid”, or the realities of chronic or complex health condition.

I hope and pray that none of you have to hear those awful 4 words.  But if you do, there is help.  The right medical facility can make an incredibly stressful and difficult time a little easier on parents and kids.

How do you know it’s the right facility for your child?  Well, kids have very unique needs when they’re dealing with an illness or condition.  They need a space designed for them, with doctors that know and love working with children, and the best care possible.  But our little patients need a little bit more.

Inspiration.  Fighting a disease or coming to terms with a chronic illness is tough work, but kids are tougher.  They might just need a little help finding their inner strength.  At the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center they have the Toughlings.  These small, adorable characters are posted throughout the hospital, in elevator banks, in the hallways, and in patient clinics, to remind patients that they are small but mighty.


Play.  Children need to play.  Period.  Sick or well.  Big or little.  They need to play.  Play helps children learn.  It helps them recover.  It helps them cope with the reality of their condition… and it’s fun!  The Floating Hosptial was a pioneer of daily play in a hospital setting and it continues to be a cornerstone of the care they provide.

Family-centered care.  When Miss O was in the NICU, one of the things that helped us all was the NICU’s open door policy.  We were welcome at all hours of the day or night and were encouraged to spend as much time as possible with our little one.  A child’s sense of health and well-being is tied to their family.  The Floating Hospital not only encourages all visitors during visiting hours, parents and grandparents are welcome at any time, giving great peace of mind to both the patient, and their family.

Life Services.  Having a sick child can be all-consuming, making it hard to focus on anything beyond the immediate present.  However, it’s important to remember that the goal is to have your child come home, go back to school, and get back to life as usual.  Life services like tutoring, support groups, and play are crucial to helping a child manage hospital life and, eventually, transition back home.


There’s no doubt that having a child in the hospital is a very stressful time for everyone.  Choosing the right medical facility can make all the difference.  I’m proud to have partnered with The Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center for this post.

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4 words that can turn your world upside down: Your child is sick. Of course you want world class medical care, but what else does your sick child need?