Jazz up those basic dollar store party hats to make your party extra special!

If you’ve ever been to the store on the day of a holiday, you know that the pickings can be… slim.  Well, that’s what I did on New Year’s Eve this year.  I don’t know why I was surprised, but the “special” section in the back of Target had a few picked over Christmas decorations and tons of Valentine’s Day paraphernalia.

Basically, my choices were to get lame Christmas decorations that no one wanted, or start celebrating Valentine’s Day 2 months early (which I don’t generally celebrate at all).

Not good.

We’re pretty low-key about New Year’s, but still.  So where does a desperate girl go on New Year’s Eve when she has company coming over in a few short hours?  The Dollar Store, of course!

Sadly, the Dollar Tree looked pretty much the same, with some St. Patrick’s Day stuff thrown in for good measure.  The noise-makers were gone, as were the party hats.  But, sometimes a little creativity will get you a long way.

I headed for the birthday party section.  They always keep that fairly well stocked and, after all, a party’s a party.  The girls had a great time with the glow sticks last year, so those were a must, and I grabbed a couple of purple feather boas, too.  I don’t recommend them, as most of the “feathers” ended up on the floor, sofa, chairs, the girls…

Next up I grabbed a package of 8 party hats, but they were kind of blah looking.  I mean, what do you expect for 12.5¢ per hat?

What to do?  I couldn’t throw a party with blah hats!  The horror!

Well, not 2 seconds later Miss O started oohing and aahing over some princess wrapping paper a few feet down the aisle.  And what was above that wrapping paper?  Some pretty, colorful, decorative bows!

Now we’re talking!

I grabbed 3 packages and headed home.

The nice part about this adorable little idea is how easy it is to put together.  Simply peel the sticker from the back, and wrap it around the point of the hat.  For a bit of extra security I also stapled them on.


That’s it!  We had super cute, super easy party hats for our celebration.


This is also a simple way to make the birthday boy or girl feel special on their big day – just decorate their hat with bows!

Jazz up those basic dollar store party hats to make your party extra special!