5 Ways to Make Better Snack Choices

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 I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make better snack choices when I return to school this week.  In many ways, the structure of a work day can help you stick to your diet.  However, many of us have learned bad habits at work, too; ordering lunch instead of bringing your own, too many trips to the vending machine, and indulging in bribe food provided at meetings.

Snacking can be a great way to keep from overeating, but it can also derail a healthy diet. Read on for tips on how to make better snack choices.

But there’s good news!  There are some easy things you can do to keep your snacking under control and make better snack choices.  Today I’m featuring Weight Watchers snacks I purchased at Stop and Shop.

Bring your own food.  It’s tempting, and easier, to just say you’ll run out and grab something healthy, but it isn’t realistic.  Most of the time when you’re hungry you end up heading to the vending machine for a chocolate pick-me-up.  On the other hand, if you want to make better snack choices, bring your own snacks for those 3 pm tummy growls and you won’t have to go anywhere for a healthy bite.


Keep healthy snacks on hand.  Let’s face it.  There are days we just don’t have time to pack a sack full of healthy snacks.  And there are days when what we packed just isn’t enough.  Don’t just head over to the staff lounge for leftover doughnuts from the morning meeting.  Be prepared!  Keep a few healthy snacks in your desk drawer to pull out on tough days.


Plan your snacks.  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  Think about your day.  When are you most likely to make unhealthy choices?  Make a plan for those times so you don’t have to think about it in the moment.  If you often indulge during long meetings, bring a snack with you so you can pass on the box of pastries.  If you make a beeline for the nearest 7-11 every afternoon, plan a snack around that time so you don’t need a slushie fix.


Don’t forget about evenings.  Many people do a great job planning their work days, only to binge on chips or chocolate after the kids go to bed.  When you’re planning your snacks for the day, be sure to plan one for after dinner so you don’t end up rummaging through cabinets for left over Halloween or Easter candy.


Involve the whole family.  Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean you only eat rice cakes and cottage cheese.  There are lots of yummy options your whole family will love, making it easier for everyone to make better snack choices.

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Snacking can be a great way to keep from overeating, but it can also derail a healthy diet. Read on for tips on how to make better snack choices.


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