4 Things to Love About 4-Year-Olds

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Now an annual tradition, recognizing awesome things about each every age.  Here are 4 thing to love about 4-year-olds.

Last year, I’ll admit, I was completely ready to say goodbye to age 3.  It was pretty rough.  That’s why I created my 3 Things to Love About 3-Year-Olds post, as a way to focus on the positive.  Well, I’m not so happy to say goodbye to 4 – this year was pretty awesome – but I decided to make the list a tradition.

The nice thing is that all those things I loved about Miss O as a 3-year-old are still true, plus a few more!  Not that we didn’t have our moments of frustration.  We had to tweak our bedtime routine because she learned the art of stalling.  We learned about managing a sensitive child when we had to rearrange our weekday schedule for dance class.  And we had our fair share of meltdowns!

But through it all, I could see my sweet girl’s personality emerging.  And, she’s pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.

So here’s this year’s list of things to love.

Giving nature.


This Dory plush was one of the few things Miss O asked for this Christmas.  She was obviously excited when she got it!  Yet only a few days later she said she wanted to bring Dory to her friend and give it to her.  When I asked why, she said, “Because I love Dory, and I love [my friend]!”  Awwww.  Is there anything sweeter than that?

Adventurous spirit.


She’s given me more than a few moments of panic, but this girl is one tough chick.  She might be small, but she is mighty!  And once I learned to step back and let her do her thing, I learned that she is a pretty capable kid.

Self expression.

PicMonkey Collage

At age 4, Miss O has a better understanding of her emotions, which is why she’s less… volatile.  She recognizes being tired and will go take a nap.  She will tell me when she’s angry at me, and that she loves me.  And now that we know she’s a sensitive child (rather than anxious or shy), we’re all getting better at knowing how to help her find her happy place.



Nope, that’s not a Mega Blocks package on her head.  It’s an astronaut helmet.  (And there’s no need to call DCF.  She was always in my sight.)  To her, an empty box is a castle, or a soccer goal, or a hiding spot.  She can paint for hours, and tell stories about the pictures she makes.  Her imagination truly knows no bounds.

What are your favorite things about 4-year-olds?  Share in the comments.

Now an annual tradition, recognizing awesome things about each every age.  Here are 4 thing to love about 4-year-olds.

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