I hired an editor.  Okay, it’s my mom.  And she’s doing it for free (thanks Mummy)!  But it’s still pretty damn cool, right?  She was always reading my posts (my biggest fan) and letting me know if there were spelling or grammar errors, so I set her up with a username and password of her very own!

I’m still working on not obsessively checking my site stats, but I have noticed that what would have been a great day in January is really disappointing now, so that’s definitely a good sign.

One new thing I’ve done this month to help form connections online is to take a few minutes every day to visit the pages of any bloggers who’ve commented on my posts, like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter and Pinterest.  It has translated to more likes and followers for me, but more importantly it helps me get to know people who have taken the time to read and comment on my writing.  Fabulous!

What’s Next?

One big change coming in April is my weekly link-up.  I’ve been wanting to start one, but I wanted to make it unique, so…

I’m happy to announce our new weekly link-up: Way Back Wednesday!  This link-up will be specifically for posts that are 6 months old (or older) that you want to bring some new traffic to.  If you’re a new blogger that doesn’t have 6 months worth of posts, just go back as far as you can!

Plus, have you heard?  The Elite Blog Academy, hands down the best investment I’ve made in my blog, is opening up a spring session!  I’m so excited to bring this offer to everyone I know, I just can’t contain myself!  I know that my blog would still be floundering if not for this amazing course and I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about growing their blog.  Click here to find out more.

March Highlights

  • Best day ever!  I just missed hitting 500 page views in 1 day, but I’m so excited to have hit a new record high.
  • I also had a few not-so-hot days at the end of the month.  Why is that a highlight?  Because I kept going, I used it as a learning opportunity, and I got better!
  • I love the community I see starting to form in the blogging world.  It can be hard to find people when we’re all so busy and far apart, but I love seeing familiar names pop up in the comments.
  • Creating My Happiness went international!  In addition to being featured on Living Well, Spending Less and Broke Girl Rich, I was also listed as a link worth clicking on Canada’s Simply Frugal.  🙂
  • In March I hit 10,000 page views since January first!

The Challenge

To produce amazing content that will make my blog a must read, and to learn how to promote my blog so that people will actually read it.

The Numbers

You’ll notice there are no income numbers for March.  There are a couple of different reasons for that.  First, AdSense was having issues (at least my account was) and it can’t load properly right now.  Second, I’ve decided to only count income I actually receive, so my blogging income would be $0 anyway because I didn’t actually get paid.  It’s far simpler for me to handle it this way since I’m now part of several affiliate programs, which makes it hard to get an accurate figure.  So, with that… here are this month’s numbers.


The Invitation

Are you a blogger?  Do you want to grow your blog this year and turn your blog into a must read?  I invite you to participate in the Grow My Blog Challenge.  All you have to do is dedicate 1 post per month to the progress your blog has made.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your blog is now.  We all write because we are passionate about helping and sharing with others and we all want our message to reach as many people as possible.  Give yourself some accountability on whatever measures you want to focus on.

Want to participate?  Just join the link-up below! Don’t worry if you didn’t find this until mid-year or after.  It’s all about setting goals and personal growth!

The Rules

1. Dedicate 1 post per month to the challenge.  You may include any stats you want to focus on, and you may add/remove information as you learn more.

2. Post a link to the link party each month, link back to this page.

3. Check out the other blogs in the link-up.  My hope is that we become a community of support and encouragement.

4. Do not include freebies, give-aways, or other promotional items in your linked posts.

5. You may offer tips and advice in your post, but you may not include proprietary information.  For example, while I participate in the Elite Blog Academy I may refer to it, but I may not write about specific details from the course.  The same goes for books, webinars, etc.

It’s never too late to join the challenge!

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The challenge that started it all




Would you like to be a cohost of the Grow My Blog Challenge?  Contact me at [email protected] for more information!

March 3

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