No matter what age or stage of life you’re at, all moms need mom friends.  There are things about life that change in ways you can only understand if you’re a mom.  And no, having a dog doesn’t count.  Mom friends get each other, support each other, and if necessary, clean up shit for each other.  It comes with the territory.

Friends 3

Here’s 10 reasons you need mommy friends:

They have been there, done that.  No matter how strange, sticky, hilarious, or disgusting the situation you’re dealing with, Mommy friends not only understand, they have been through it.  They can reassure you that your precious angel is not going to be a serial killer because she enjoys popping the heads off Barbie dolls.  They completely understand the urge to catch your child’s vomit in your hands.  They get it.

They save you money.  Yep, you read that right.  Not sure if your kid’s got eczema or the plague?  Snap a pic and send it to your mommy friends for a quick, “That’s just what little Susie’s eczema looks like!”  You’ll save hundreds in unnecessary medical co-pays.  Not to mention the mother of all money savers, hand-me-downs!

They completely understand if you have to blow them off.  Johnny’s running a fever, Lilly’s team made the finals, Owen forgot to mention a big project due tomorrow… Our kids are masters at schedule disruption.  Mommy friends don’t judge you or say things like, “Well, why don’t you just let him fail?  Then he’d learn his lesson.”

They will talk to you about crap nobody else cares about (or wants to know).  Like how to get rid of diaper rash, how universally annoying Calliou is, and how long your c-section scar stayed numb.  Even better, they’ll not only talk about those things, they care about them, too!

They give great advice.  This ties in to item number 1 on this list, because experience makes for good advice.  Mommy friends know about how having a kid effects your relationship.  They know what lack of sleep does to your brain.  They know how to get just about any stain out of just about anything.  And unlike google, when you ask mommy friends for advice, they won’t convince you you’re dying.

They don’t make you feel like an out-of-touch moron because you haven’t seen “Taken 6”.  I’ve gone to the movies 3 times in the last 18 months, and 2 of those times I saw “Frozen.”  Where I used to be a walking, talking version of IMDb, now I can’t even watch award shows because I don’t recognize anyone.  Pretty soon I’m going to need 1 of those Mom Celebrity Translator things from SNL.

They know you care, even if you don’t call.  I really don’t know how moms survived before all this technology was available.  I mean, I know how they survived, but it must have been so lonely!  With a full-time job, this blog, my new side gig, a 4-year-old, and a house to manage, phone calls just aren’t going to happen.  If not for texting and facebook, I may have become a full-blown hermit, especially when I was home on maternity leave.  Moms get this.  They don’t take offense, and they don’t give you a hard time.

Playdates.  Is there anything better than sitting with a friend while your kids play?  Sure, there’s the occasional interruption to settle a crayon dispute, but playdates give your kid someone other than you to play with and you someone to chat with.  And playdates with a mom you’re already friends with?  Heaven!

They’ve got kid gear.  Not only can you swap kid stuff that your children don’t like or have outgrown or don’t like, but it is sooooooo much easier to go someplace that already has kid stuff there.  Diapers, wipes, kid-friendly areas, food, and videos.  No need to pack up your entire house!

They understand that complaining about your kids doesn’t mean you don’t love them.  Kids are infuriating.  They push your buttons and drive you to your breaking point on a (mostly) daily basis.  They do stupid things, make a lot of noise, leave messes and weird smells everywhere they go.  But they’re still our kids and we love them in a way words can’t express.

Haven’t found your mommy friends yet?  Get to it.  Go to meet ups, walk in the park, or stalk women pushing strollers at the mall.  Find your people!

What’s you favorite thing about your mommy friends?  Share in the comments.