When I became a mom I was pretty sure I was in training as a sherpa.  The amount of stuff I had to have with me at all times was mind boggling.  Now that Miss O is a little older I’ve transitioned to just carrying a (very large) purse and it’s wonderful!  Still, no matter the size of our bags we need to make sure that 3 things make the move, too.

Parents Carry 3

These things are must-haves for all parents:

Amber Alert Card.  Most parents who have children old enough to walk have experienced that moment of panic when your child wanders out of your sight.  It’s terrifying and you’re mind goes to so many dark places you feel as though you may never see the sun again.  Fortunately, most times your little explorer usually pops out from behind the display case before you begin hysterically screaming, but we’ve all heard of cases where the worst case scenario happened.  Since its inception the National Amber Alert system has saved more than 700 children.  Having an up-to-date Amber Alert card on you can save precious time in locating your missing child.  For more information go to www.amberalert.gov, cards are free and can be updated every year.

Medical Insurance Card.  While a hospital can not turn people away if they don’t have insurance (or proof of insurance), you can make you’re life 1,000 times easier by having your child’s medical insurance card on you at all times.  Medical billing offices are not known for being easy to deal with.  Medical bills and codes are complicated and mistakes can be expensive.  If you only have 1 copy of the card, the other parent can carry a photocopy or write down the information.  Also, if your child is covered by the same insurance you are, your own insurance card will likely suffice in a pinch.

Prescription Information.  Even those of with super-human memories (ha ha!) have difficulty remembering details in an emergency.  And when you’re talking about medications, even a small error can have big consequences.  Make sure you have current prescription information for everyone in your family for whom you might be called upon to make medical decisions – yourself, your kids, your spouse, parents, etc..  You can keep a list, use an app (like My Medications, created my the AMA), or create your own system.  Prescriptions come with removable tabs that can easily be slipped in your wallet and have all the pertinent information; medication, dosage, and the prescribing doctor.

Of course we all hope for a boring life where nothing ever happens, but it never hurts to be prepared.  Keep these 3 easy-to-store documents on you and you’ll be able to handle emergencies just in case things don’t go as planned.

Parents Carry