When was the last time someone told you how awesome you are?

We moms are helpers.  It’s what we do.  We help.  But in helping others, it can be really easy to forget about ourselves.  And if we do get a minute to do something just for us, we feel guilty about it.

Stop that.

You, Mom, are amazing. You are giving 110% 25 hours a day and it’s time you had something just for you.

Here’s what I want to do for you.  I want to send you one email each day for the next 30 days with a quote that will uplift you and inspire you through your day.  That’s it.  There’s no challenge.  No contest.  No strings attached.  Just one email a day for 30 days to help you live your best life.


So what are you waiting for?  You know you have one minute a day just for you… take it!!!

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There are only so many minutes in a day, friends.  Will you take just one for yourself to make your day a little bit better?  Say yes to you!

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