In the hubbub of every day it’s easy to miss the little things that make our days so much better.  I decided to really pay attention for just 1 day and what I found is that I am truly blessed.  Not only that, most of the things that really make a good day great are things with no price tag.

Here are just 5 little things that I am extremely grateful for:

Neighbors who wave hello.  My first condo was in a large city.  No one really acknowledged each other, let alone said hello.  In my current neighborhood we wave at each other as we drive past.  We stop and chat as we walk around.  It’s a community.

Spring in New England.  After a winter that took every opportunity to knock us out, spring is a wonderful relief.  The excitement of opening the windows, seeing grass peek through the snow… And there’s really nothing like the feeling of walking out the door with no jacket after months of this:

Internet access.  I think I was born at the perfect time.  I’ve had access to the internet my entire adult life, but I didn’t have to grown up with my life on Facebook.  Internet access lets me keep in touch with friends and family, look up anything I want to know at any moment, and it lets me run this fabulous little blog!

Miss O’s laugh.  Oh. my. word.  If you ever needed to define an infectious laugh, you should just listen to my daughter.


Sunday nights.  In my house Sunday night is the only night we’re pretty much all guaranteed to be home for dinner.  I don’t do anything extravagant, but it’s nice to know we’ll all be around the table together.

What are you grateful for?  Share in the comments.

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