Update 1

This year I started my very first edible garden.  To be honest, it’s the first garden that was more complicated than a simple plant-water-grow garden.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how things are going.

There have definitely been mistakes along the way – I planted too close together, and I accidentally picked my watermelon seedlings thinking they were weeds, and I learned the hard way that pumpkin leaves will give you a lovely rash where ever they touch your skin.


We’ve gotten 2 family dinners out of the green beans so far!  They are soooooo yummy and they’re starting to flower again, so I’m looking forward to our next meal.


Miss O loves eating peas right out of the garden.  We probably could have had them for dinner at least once, but I love that she loves them, so I’m just going with it.


The carrots are progressing… I guess.  The problem is this: I have no idea how to know when they’re ready to be picked!  I will have to spend some time with Farmer Google this week.


The tomatoes are still growing.  I think they need to be in a sunnier spot next year…


I have a feeling we’re going to have a ton of heirloom pumpkins this fall!  The suckers are getting big!


The blueberries had a tough time with the transplant, but they’re making a comeback.


Raspberries… someday!


Like the carrots, I’m not sure how to know when the corn is ready, but there are definitely ears forming.


We have flowers coming any day now!  And good news; One of my father-in-law’s roses rooted!  It still looks like a stick, but I’ve been told that if you pull on it and it doesn’t come out, that’s how you know it’s rooted.  I hope they’re right!

My first attempt at an edible garden is going better than I expected. Let's check in on my little seedlings!

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