August 1

Wow!  What an amazing month August was!

I was finally able to not only cross, but shatter, the 10,000 page views barrier.  When my post Once A NICU Mom, Always a NICU Mom went viral my page views went through the roof.  I also heard from so many parents from all over the world who had experienced the NICU and shared their stories with me.  It was an amazing feeling to know I had touched so many.

I was also able to bring on 3 awesome co-hosts for my weekly link party and they’ve been FABULOUS to work with.  We met through one of several new Facebook groups I joined to help spread the word about my site.

What’s Next?

In September, I’m going to be totally honest and say my number 1 goal is simply to survive.  School is back in session and my family’s hours are back to being crazy, so I really just need to get back in the swing of things.

That said, I do want to keep up my numbers, keep participating in my online groups and continue to grow the Way Back Wednesday link party.

The Challenge

To produce amazing content that will make my blog a must read, and to learn how to promote my blog so that people will actually read it.

The Numbers


The Invitation

Are you a blogger?  Do you want to grow your blog this year and turn your blog into a must read?  I invite you to participate in the Grow My Blog Challenge.  All you have to do is dedicate 1 post per month to the progress your blog has made.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your blog is now.  We all write because we are passionate about helping and sharing with others and we all want our message to reach as many people as possible.  Give yourself some accountability on whatever measures you want to focus on.

Want to participate?  Just join the link-up below! Don’t worry if you didn’t find this until mid-year or after.  It’s all about setting goals and personal growth!

The Rules

1. Dedicate 1 post per month to the challenge.  You may include any stats you want to focus on, and you may add/remove information as you learn more.

2. Post a link to the link party each month, link back to this page or Tweet: Are you a #blogger trying to grow your #blog? Join the Grow My Blog Challenge at #bloggerswanted .

3. Check out the other blogs in the link-up.  My hope is that we become a community of support and encouragement.

4. Do not include freebies, give-aways, or other promotional items in your linked posts.

5. You may offer tips and advice in your post, but you may not include proprietary information.  For example, while I participate in the Elite Blog Academy I may refer to it, but I may not write about specific details from the course.  The same goes for books, webinars, etc.

It’s never too late to join the challenge!

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Attention bloggers!  If you like to hold yourself accountable and/or you write a monthly goals/accountability post, come join our super supportive Blog Circle.  Simply paste the code below in your post, then add your link to the link up.  Be sure to check out the other blogs in the circle and support everyone!

This month’s code (active until September 30th):

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A monthly report of my blog's growth and what's coming next. If you're a blogger who's looking to grow, come join us at the grow my blog challenge.