When it comes to finding chores that your school-aged child can do, there’s actually several that make the list! If you’re needing help around the house, here are some simple chores that you can take of your to-do list!

More than likely when you ask your school-aged child to help with chores, a loud groan can probably be heard from miles and miles away. Don’t stress parents, you aren’t the only ones that get this response. The good news? Common household chores are something that your child is more than capable to help out with! 

Here are some simple chores that your school-aged child can do!

Chores that Your School-Aged Child Can Do

Depending on how much you think your child can do around the house, these chores should be on your radar for letting your little ones take over.

Sweeping.  Who doesn’t love to sweep? (well, besides you doing it over and over again) Give your child a broom and dustpan and let them go to town! They can sweep any surface that doesn’t have a rug or carpet and that includes outside areas as well. 

Folding the laundry.  Say goodbye to those mounds and mounds of clothes and let your child take over and become the “folder”. Let go of your need for the towels to be folded perfectly and let your little one give it a go. They’ll enjoy the challenge, and you’ll enjoy the much-needed break.

Cleaning their room.  Regardless of what they might have told you, they are more than capable to clean their own room. (They made the mess after all, right?) When it comes to them cleaning their rooms, let them go for it! Give them a trash bag, a laundry basket, a dusting rag and tell them to make it shine!  

Washing the dishes.  Have you always wanted a dishwasher of your very own? Your school-ager can help! Make certain that the sink is clear of knives or any other sharp objects and let them get those dishes sudsy clean. They may even find that they like washing them! (and up the ante by having them dry and put them away, too!)

Dusting.  As an adult, one of the worst chores ever tends to be dusting…but when you’re younger, dusting is something that they actually enjoy. Remind them to be careful with the breakables and have them start dusting the shelves and items within their reach throughout the house. Keep an eye on them to ensure that they aren’t climbing on anything to reach something as you don’t want them to get hurt while helping out around the house. 

Making the beds.  Another chore that your child can excel at is going around and making the beds in the house. Set this to be a routine that they do each and every day and you’ll find that crawling into a nicely made bed at night is actually really, really great. (Just make certain that they don’t pull an early April fools trick on you and short sheet you!)

Cleaning the windows.  Give them a little window cleaner and let them wipe away those fingerprints that they probably made in the first place. With Spring right around the corner, it’s time to get those windows sparkly clean to let the sunshine shine brightly! 

These are just a few simple chores that your school-aged child can do to start helping around the house (but don’t worry, there are always more!). Let them start with one or two from the list and see how they do. Once they’ve mastered those you can always talk to them about the possibility of them helping out around the house even more!