A Christmas Bonfire & Carol Sing - lead

I have always wanted to have a Christmas party.  We always hosted Christmas at my parent’s house, but never had a “party.”  So I decided that Miss O had reached an age where having a big party wouldn’t be too much for me to handle… and I went for it!

My first stop when planning anything is, of course, Pinterest.  I compiled a board with a bunch of cool ideas and inspirations.  I didn’t use everything, but I think as years go by and the party grows I’ll keep adding.  Here are a few things that really got my creative juices flowing:

Party Inspiration

Hot Chocolate Bar from Your Home Based Mom
Simple Decor from El Blog de Holamama
Baby It’s Cold Outside Printable from Seven Thirty Three
Winter Bonfire from Country Living

You can see my inspiration board here.

I don’t know why the idea of a bonfire stuck in my head and wouldn’t go away – I’m not an outdoorsy person – but there it was, creeping its way into my thoughts.  The next thing I thought of was Christmas carols.  They’re one of my favorite things about the holidays and singing is one of my favorite things about life in general, so that was a natural fit, and the rest fell into place.


We put out a spread of cookies, snacks, and hot cocoa (recipes to follow).  I got the table dressing at a fabric store where Christmas fabric was half off and the trays at the dollar store.  At a party with lots of kids I didn’t want to put out anything I would be upset over losing.


Chocolate chips – thank you Pillsbury


Michigan Rock cookies.  These are a tradition in Mr. O’s family and I always make a double batch at Christmas.  They’re a not-too-sweet cookie with walnuts and dates and they’re to die for.  They’re also great to dip in tea or coffee for breakfast.  Click here for the recipe!


I printed up carol books.  These were just printed from various websites, but next year I’ll make my own – of course I’ll share the printable!


Mr. O had the brilliant idea to fill the drink tub with snow.  I married a genius.


I put out some wine and lit the outside tables with a simple strand of lights.


There was a roaring fire.


Once it got dark, and everyone had consumed enough wine to willingly sing, we headed out for some carols.


And before everyone headed out we asked a friend to take a picture of the 3 of us.  Miss O was on quite a sugar high, but having us all in one shot is so rare, I was happy.

Overall the evening was a huge success.  I must admit there’s always a sneaky fear that I’ll throw a party and no one will show up, but I’m happy to say that wasn’t the case.  Everyone had a great time and I’m already making plans for next year!

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