Looking for some simple ways to get your child to clean their room? Fear less of their mess and try these helpful tips!

Convincing your child the importance of cleaning their room may seem impossible, but it’s honestly not. With a little bit of patience and communication, you’ll find that your children are more than capable of picking up and keeping their rooms clean! These simple tips can really help your child understand the importance of cleaning and keeping their space mess-free. No matter what their age, these cleaning tips can help! 

Simple Ways to get your Child to Clean their Room

Just because your child isn’t chomping at the bit to help, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable of cleaning their space. 

Set ground rules for your child to follow.  If you keep giving in and letting them get away with not cleaning their room, they’re going to keep NOT doing it. As a parent, you have to set ground rules for them to follow, especially when it comes to cleaning. Make it a rule in your house that they have to make their beds every morning and pick up their rooms at least once per week. (or whatever rules work best for the flow of your household) The sooner that you can establish those rules, the better they’ll adjust to them in a positive manner. 

Communicate that there will be no fun activities until their room is cleaned.  This can be a hard one to stand firm on, but it’s setting a precedent to let your child know that you’re serious. If they can’t clean their room, they can’t leave the house to go and have fun. This also can exclude any activities with electronics as well. That way your child understands that until they get their room entirely picked up, they are losing any and all of their extra privileges.

Let them know it’s important to you.  Sometimes, kids just don’t think outside of the box that surrounds them. Maybe they don’t know that their dirty room is bothering you and maybe they just haven’t noticed. Why not take the chance to simply ask them to clean their room and let them know that it would be the world for them to help you out by doing that?

Your kids want to help, but sometimes they just may not know how to do it. By verbally asking them, you may be surprised at their willingness. 

Give them incentives for their efforts.  We’re all motivated by something. Some are motivated by money, some by food and some by getting a reward that they’ve wanted for quite some time. Many parents tend to shy away from offering rewards for their child cleaning their room, but if it’s a way that motivates them and helps you at the same time, rewards aren’t necessarily a bad thing.

Just make certain that you’re making the reward something reasonable. Because if you do happen to offer then an incentive once for cleaning their rooms, there’s a good chance that they’re going to be looking for it each and every time. 

If you are wanting your child to clean their room, you hold the keys to making it happen. Just remember that talking to them and communicating with them in a respectful manner will yield better results than yelling, forcing or screaming.

Show your child that a clean house is easier to take care of and keep clean once you’ve done the deep cleaning to it once. And once they understand that it gets easier to clean the more they do it, they may not be so hesitant to help clean their room more often!