One of my goals this year is to build a list of go-to dinner recipes to pull out on those night when I can’t think of what to make for dinner.  This is one of those dishes that is on constant rotation because it’s simple and delicious.

This delicious, satisfying meal starts with only 2 ingredients, then you add whatever else you have on hand. It's perfect for those nights when you just can't think of what to make.

The whole recipe is based on 2 ingredients, then you just throw in whatever else you want, or happen to have on hand.  Surprise!  How easy is that?


That’s it.  1 box of pasta and 1 can of tomatoes.  Cook the pasta, toss in the tomatoes.

I will totally admit that there are nights I serve just this with just pasta and tomatoes and nothing else.  I’m a fan of simple things, but some people (like Mr. O) want a bit more… oomph.

Tonight I added sausage, which is one of my favorite add-ins, but I’ve also used ground beef, ground turkey, and Italian spiced ground turkey.

What else can you add?  The sky’s the limit.  Here are a few things to try:

Spaghetti Sauce
Italian Dressing


Simple, delicious, and great for a quick dinner on a busy night, or for when you’re expecting company!

The best thing about this dish, besides how tummy warming it is, is how cheap it is.  I got the tomatoes on sale for $1, the pasta for $.88, and the sausage was buy 1, get 1 free so it worked out to $2.50.  One batch will feed the 3 of us for at least 1 dinner and 2 lunches.  That’s less than $.50 per serving!

I think the savings makes it taste even better.

What are your go-to, never fail recipes?  Share in the comments.

Pasta Surprise