I’ve completed my 2 weeks wheat free and I’ve decided to continue… with some adjustments.  Based on my experiment I’ve determined that I’m not wheat intolerant, but that our (pre-experiment) diet was far too reliant on wheat.  Going forward I plan to continue eating wheat free during the day, but allow myself to enjoy an occasional meal or treat when the mood strikes.  I know I will have to be careful about falling back into old habits, and meal planning will help, but I am wary about cutting out an entire food group from my diet without medical need.

In my 2 week experiment I’ve discovered several things:

  • Wheat is addictive.  Argue with me if you’d like, but I experienced very real withdrawal during my first several days.
  • I miss wheat less than I thought I would, and once I got over the hump, it got easier every day.
  • It would be easier if my house weren’t filled with crackers and pasta for the rest of my family.
  • I’m able to go longer in between meals, and need to snack less often.
  • Supplementing is a must.  Especially as I learn my way around this new way of eating, I’m sure I’m leaving out essential nutrients, so every day I pack my Isotonix blend (Magnesium, Calcium, Complex B, Probiotics, and OPC-3) and drink my TLS Nutrition Shake for breakfast.

I’ve also noticed a few pleasant changes:

  • My skin isn’t as oily.  Woo hoo!
  • My jeans are a little looser.  They’re not falling off, but when I put them on I didn’t have to do that deep knee bend thing to get them to fit right.
  • I’m not getting that “Oh my gosh, I need a nap” feeling in the afternoon.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still tired, but I’m not concerned about falling asleep on my drive home.

I’m hopeful that the changes I’ve made will help me and my family live a healthier life, with more whole foods and fewer processed, packaged ones.