Our house is going green!

I’ve wanted to get solar panels on our house since we bought it.  But at an average of $20k to install, it was always a pipe dream.  Recently there’s been a spate of companies who saw the market for solar customers and found a way around the problems to make it more feasible for families like mine.

During the process I found that there are vast differences between companies.  One company was going to charge up front to install, while another didn’t.  One company wouldn’t even give us any information until we cut down 9 trees, others didn’t care.

In the end, we went with a company called Solar City.  They were the best fit for us because they install, maintain and insure the panels for free.  In exchange, they sell the energy collected from our house to the electric company, then sell us energy at a reduced rate.  Of course, there’s a contract.  We’re locked in to a 20-year agreement.  If we move we can take the panels with us, buy out the contract, or transfer to the new owners of our current home.

On a side note, ask your sales agent about the funniest questions he’s gotten.  Our guy had a story about someone asking him if the insurance covered it if a panel flew off his roof and decapitated his neighbor.  Ummmm… k.

For the record, that would be covered.

House Solar

So now we’re a green home.  We’re currently producing about twice as much electricity as we’re using, so come summer we should have balance on our account.  I’ve never been so excited to get an electric bill.

If you’re interested in going solar, you can talk to our guy Will Frese at Solar City at 702-703-8902 or [email protected] and tell him the Ogdens sent you.  They’ve got a great referral program.  🙂