Dollar Store Decor

I love the dollar store.  The day I found out we were getting a Dollar Tree in my neighborhood I actually did a happy dance.  So as part of my blogging experience I’m going to give a go at decorating, Dollar Store style.

The mission: Create a home decor item using only items purchased from the Dollar Store.

The budget: $10

I was a little late to the party this month.  Silly me thought I could get Thanksgiving decorations in November – I totally forgot that Christmas season starts right after Halloween!  The pickings were slim, but I managed to pull a few things from various aisles and put together a cute set that would work in a window or on a table.


What you’ll need: Glass vase, candle (this one’s vanilla), 1 bunch of faux leaves.  I actually got 2 vases and candles, but the 1 bunch of “leaves” was more than enough.


Trim the leaves off the bunch and line the lower 1/3 of the vase.  I used the stem of the leaf bunch to position them – very helpful!  You could glue them, but I plan to reuse them for Christmas.


Place the candle in the hole of the vase.  Viola!  If I weren’t going to fill the vases with something else later on I’d secure the candles better by melting the bottom rim before sticking it in the vase.

The total cost of this project: $5.  I could have saved a buck by picking up acorns in the yard (before my Mr. O chopped them up with the mower), but I like the pop of color the “leaves” bring.

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