Looking for some easy ways to get your kids out of bed? You’ll love these super simple tips that any parent can do!

Sometimes, getting your kid motivated to get out of bed can be rough…and this can be for a number of different reasons. Maybe they stayed up a little too late, maybe they are dreading the thought of another day of school or maybe they just like to sleep. All are probable reasons when it comes to your kiddos. The good news? There are ways that you can get them moving and out of bed with ease! All you need are these simple steps to get their feet out of bed and on the floor.

No matter what your child’s personality, these tips can help get them up and at ’em in the morning! 

Set a strict bedtime and stick to it

Easier said than done, right? But having your child get into a routine of getting to bed at the same time every night is key. And if you notice that there are “things” in their room (books, toys, etc.) that are keeping them awake long after their bedtime, it’s time to remove those items from their view as well.

Setting up their bedroom for a place to sleep is key to helping them get the rest they need to wake up refreshed and ready to go. 

Have breakfast ready and waiting for them

Think of it this way. Are you more motivated to get out of bed when you know that a nice, hot cup of coffee is ready and waiting for you? Your kids will feel this same way about a great breakfast, too.

Starting their day off with a hearty and delicious breakfast like pancakes or waffles is more than enough of a reason for them to hop out of bed and run down the stairs! It’s true that good food can be a great motivator for getting your kid out of bed! 

Set your ground rules and stick to them

If you aren’t holding your ground about them getting out of bed, they aren’t ever going to take you seriously. If your child chooses to stay in bed and not get up, they need to know that there will be some sort of punishment or loss of privilege by their action. Maybe they’ll lose a snack, TV time or the upcoming sleepover at their friends…but as long as you make it known that they no longer have the option to sleep in, they’ll only take the chance of losing those privileges once. 

No kid wants to have their fun activities taken away just to sleep in a few extra minutes.

Motivate them with rewards

Now, this isn’t for every child, but some children do require a bit more motivation than others. If your child doesn’t respond to the loss of privileges, then you can try to reverse effect and try to motivate them by rewards. Maybe give them an “allowance” for the days that they get out of bed on time or something along those lines…You know your child best and what will motivate them, so while this shouldn’t be anything elaborate, it can be more of a carrot to dangle and help their body create an internal alarm clock to wake up.

Trying one (or all) of these simple tips can be easy ways to get your kids out of bed. You may find that some work, while others don’t – but that’s all in the trial and error to understand your child and what they need. After the consistency of these tips, your child may not need any more help from you at all to get up in the morning!