Night Out

If you’re like me, your weekends consist of going to swim class, making grilled cheese sandwiches, and watching “Pocahontas” for the 77th time.  Getting out for girl time is a gift from heaven.  Sadly, getting out isn’t as easy as it used to be, and neither is coming up with something to do.

But just for you, here are a list of ideas for your next girl’s night out that won’t cost you a ton of money.

Wine tasting.  Have everyone bring a bottle to share.  You can go classy with the ingredients and fermenting process if you like; swirl, sniff, sip, spit and all that jazz.  Or have each person tell a story about a time they had that wine (or any wine for that matter).  Pass the bottle and let the good times roll!

Game night.  Bring back the classic game night with a night of board games like Life, Taboo, or Trivial Pursuit.  Avoid Monopoly unless you’re all MBAs – someone always tries to turn into Donald Trump of little plastic houses.  You can also take a page from the awesome ladies in my neighborhood and set up a regular game up Bunko, or some other mindless game.

Clothing swap.  For adults or for kids clothes, bring what you’ve got and swap it out.  It takes a little prep work and organization – and make sure your friends are approximately the same size – but it will not only help you get some new threads, you can clean out your closet in an environmentally responsible way!

Minute to win it.  A more new-school version of game night, set up lots of little competitions like cup stacking, say ahh, or cookie face.  Let everyone get silly (wine might be helpful here, too) and have cute prizes for the winners.  For more info on the games, check out this site.

Sales extravaganza.  You’ve probably got a few friends who sell something on the side.  Get everyone together with their products and let them all have a turn to make their pitch.  Bonus, you’ll get out of going several sales parties for a while!  Side note: You will likely be asked to join at least 1 of these companies.  Before you sign on think review the 6 questions you should ask before joining a direct sales company.

New mama house crashers.  Is there a new mom in your group?  Help a girl out and have fun at the same time.  Crash her house (with pre-approval from dad) with food, gifts, and movies.  Clean the house while you’re there, help with the baby, and leave lots of food (neatly organized) behind.

Get physical.  Grab some of your kid’s sports equipment and go play.  Who says sports are just for guys?  Basketball, dodgeball, volleyball, even t-ball would be fun with a great group of friends.  Stick to team or group sports so everyone can play, pack a cooler, and get sweaty.  Keep score or don’t, just have fun!

You can also have a movie marathon or Netflix binge-a-thon, but not only do we stare at screen enough, watching movies or shows don’t give you the interaction that really recharges your batteries.

Whatever you do, take the time to hang out with your girlfriends.  You are more than a chauffeur, bookkeeper, cook, and maid.  Mommy needs mommy friends and time to get away from all the business of being Mommy.

What do you do on your girl’s night out?  Share in the comments.

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