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Anyone who’s ever tried to start a blog has probably found themselves wondering what to write about at some point.  When I first transitioned my blog from a “keep in touch with the family” blog to a public, helpful mom blog I had a hard time figuring out where to start.  My writer’s block kept me from creating a schedule, posting with consistency, and gaining faithful readers.

Once I decided to get serious and really make a go of blogging, I knew I had to do something.

In last month’s post, Making Time for Your Blog, I made mention of using a planner to get organized.  This has been a tremendous help to me in not only making and sticking to a plan, but also in having a steady stream of ideas.  Now I schedule bi-monthly brainstorming sessions to think of things to write about.  Not every idea is a good one, but just getting the creative juices flowing is a step in the right direction.

Plans, and pretty graphic organizers are great, but inspiration for your blog is literally everywhere.

A couple weeks ago I was running through a list of chores I’d been putting off.  I hung some picture in my hall, hung a mirror in my daughter’s room, and booked a trip for a long weekend.

As I was checking off items on my list I found 5 new ideas for my blog, including my popular post, Family Memory Wall.  I have 2 more posts that will be published in the coming weeks and 2 more that need some more focus before they’re something worth writing.

The fact is, blogging is about sharing your life with others.  It makes sense that the best ideas would come when you’re just going about living that life.

The tricky part is to start thinking like a blogger – all the time – because as your life is happening, ideas are happening.  You just have to be open to them.

Where can you find inspiration?

Chores.  Do you have a trick that helps you get through your most dreaded chores?  A unique mix that gets chocolate milk out of cashmere?  An organization solution?

Shopping.  How do you save money at your favorite store?  How do you avoid temptation at Target?  How do you make the most of your Costco membership?

Grooming.  Does your hair always smell great?  Do you have a great speed-makeup routine?  Have you come up with a pain-free way to tweeze?

Cooking.  What are your go-to recipes?  Do you have a great shortcut for a complex recipe?  Do you have a unique way to use a common ingredient?

Playing with your kids.  Or not.  How do you keep kids occupied so you can get stuff done?  How to you organize toys?  How do you keep kids busy on rainy or snowy days?

Hobbies.  Are you a photog?  Quilter?  Wine lover?  Share that part of you with your readers.

Friendships.  How do you maintain your friendships?  How do you find mommy friends?  Have you found your mommy soulmate?

Blogging.  Why do you blog?  What are some challenges you’ve faced?  What are some tips you’ve picked up along the way?

Obviously you have to think carefully about what to include in your blog.  A parenting blog might not be the best place for a post on motorcycle maintenance, but you can write about being a motorcycle mama.  You just have to keep those ideas percolating.

Here’s the good news though.  Ideas lead to more ideas.  The first one might not work out, but it will lead you to another idea, then another idea, then another idea.  Keep your eyes open and start viewing your day as not just a mom, or a cook, or a fashionista, but as a blogger.

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