Laughing together is as close as you can get to a hug without touching. – Gina Barreca

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The family that laughs together… well, they have a whole lot of fun together.

The power of laughter is quite possibly the greatest bonding activity any family can do together.  Laughter breaks down walls and creates a shared experience that brings people closer together.

The sound of laughter has a profound effect on people.  It attracts them.  It draws them in.  It makes them want to be with you.  And once they are with you, it makes them want to stay; to remain connected to that joy.

Do you see how powerful that can be for families?

In this day and age when we are most connected to people through a screen and family dinners are few and far between, laughter can bring people together.

The trouble is that, in this day and age, it can be hard to find time and means to laugh together.  Our lifestyles are very go, go, go and that doesn’t leave much time for togetherness.  Like most things we’ve discussed so far, you have to make time.  You have to create opportunities for laughter.

Be spontaneous.  Part of the trouble with our modern lifestyle is our hyper-scheduled nature is that we don’t leave ourselves any time to just be.  Turn up a fun song on the car radio and sing along as loud as you can.

Be silly.  Do a silly dance.  Make silly faces.  Use a silly voice or accent.  Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Just be silly and don’t worry about looking foolish!

Play a game.  Find a game the whole family can join in on.  We always laughed when the Jenga tower fell, or during Hungry, Hungry Hippos.  Try to avoid marathon games that get overly competitive (I’m looking at you, Monopoly).  Remember the idea is to laugh.

Watch a funny movie.  Miss O can laugh at the same scene in Finding Nemo even after the 400th time she’s seen it.  Mr O and I however, prefer something fresher.  Either way, get in your jammies, pop some corn, and have a good laugh together.

Read a funny book.  Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends is a great, child-appropriate, funny book.  If you want to go one step further, you can even act out some of the poems.

Hang out with funny people.  We all have friends that are always a hoot to be around.  If you’re having trouble creating your own funny, call them up and have a laugh together.

Include your four-legged friends.  Pets are funny!  Ferris will chase a little light on the floor for hours.  He’ll roll around for a belly rub and drop a slimy toy at our feet to throw for him.  Somehow all of these things are fun and entertaining.

Assignment: Have fun!  Do something together as a family that gets you all laughing.

Next week: The More, The Merrier

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