Closet Adjustment

A coat rack has changed my life.  Seriously.

I don’t know many people who aren’t looking for ways to make their lives easier.  Personally I scan those “life hack” pins on Pinterest like I’m studying for an exam.  And what is my “life hack” major?  Organization.  I love when everything has a place.  Things don’t always get put in their place, but it makes me feel all warm and gooey to know that they have a place.

Right now the master bedroom is far and away the messiest room in my house.  Half the house is “public” so whenever someone comes over it gets cleaned up, and we make an effort to keep it neat enough so we won’t be embarrassed if someone drops by.

My daughter’s room is teeny tiny and we keep all her toys in the playroom, so it’s surprisingly neat.  The office is also a guest room, plus we only go in there to print things since we do our work in the living room while watching TV.

But our room… <sigh>

By the time I actually make it into the bedroom at night I’m exhausted.  As in, most nights I have a debate with myself about whether or not I have the energy to brush my teeth.  Clothes don’t often make it to where they’re supposed to be.

I learned years ago that hampers were a waste of time, space, and energy, so dirty clothes go straight into the laundry basket.  Score 1 for me.  But pants?  The sweater I wore for an hour after dinner?  Bras?  They usually end up in a pile beside my bed.

Enter the coat rack.


My robe, pants, belts, everyday bras and, if I’m really on top of my game, the outfit I plan to wear tomorrow, all hang on the coat rack.

What’s the difference between hanging my pants on a hanger verses on a coat rack?  I honestly can’t say.  What I do know is that I have some sort of mental block that will not allow me to spend the energy it takes to put my pants on a hanger, but my brain has no problem using a hook.

However, the coat rack is not the point.

We all have these little issues, like a messy closet, that are blemishes on otherwise happy lives.  I spent nearly 6 years getting frustrated every morning and ending every day with a feeling of disappointment at my inability to manage a simple task like hanging up my pants.  I mean, seriously, who can’t handle hanging up pants?!

Once I was able to take a step back, I was able to stop thinking of this as a problem with me and see it as a problem with my closet.  I started looking for solutions that could really have an impact.  What I found was a $10 coat rack.

How many times do we deal with problems in our lives with a cycle of irritation and self-blame?  How much easier would our lives be if we just looked for another way to do things instead of trying to force the same old thing?  We need to look for solutions instead of excuses.

  • Our mail was getting left all over the house.  Bills were missed, or nearly missed.  Solution: A basket (that we already owned) near the door.
  • My papers were getting mixed in with Mr. O’s papers, things were getting lost and it was a giant mess.  Solution: A plastic, 3-tier paper tray.  Bottom tray is for coupons, business cards, and mixed items I want to keep on hand.  Middle is for bills that need to be paid.  Mr. O gets the top for all his stuff.  His tray is usually overflowing, but at least it’s all (mostly) contained.
  • Mr. O’s work papers and books were taking over the living room.  Solution: Plastic stackable drawers with a coat of brown spray paint.  I slid them under the end table next to his seat on the couch.

With each of these items I found a solution to a problem.  They’re small changes with big impacts.

What small purchases have you made that have had a big impact on your life?  Share in the comments.

Closet Adjustment 3

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