2 year ago I was depressed.  My word of the year was “okay.”  As in, whatever, or I don’t care.  It started at work (teaching is not what it used to be), but the apathy quickly spread to other areas of my life.  I felt impotent against so many things that were outside of my control, so I just let whatever was going to happen, happen.

What is your goal for 2017? Get focused and start out on the right track by defining your goal in a single word.

I’ve never officially made that a word of the year.  But I know it was.

Last year I again didn’t make a word of the year… it just sort of happened.  It was really only through reflection that I could see a theme.  If I had to pick a word to describe last year it would be “breathe.”

Just breathe, as in take a deep breathe and do it.  Breathe and relax.  Breathe and let it go.  I took a lot of risks, some worked out, some didn’t.  I talked myself down from a few ledges.  And I had to come to accept some really shitty things.

This year I’m taking my power back.

I am not going to just take risks.  I am going to own them.  I am going to make smart choices that help me reach my goals.

I am going to be. a. BOSS.

That, my friends, is my word for 2017; BOSS.  Yes, in all caps.  Because I’m not going to half-ass this year.  I am going to own it.  I am going to rock it.

I am going to be a BOSS over my anxiety and stop letting my fears get the best of me.  While I know I will never be able to completely stop my natural tendency to see every possible thing that could go wrong, I am going have more positive inner voice to talk myself through those fears.

I am going to be a BOSS over my finances.  My money isn’t just going to go wherever it wants.  It’s going to go where and do what I damn well tell it.

I am going take control and be the BOSS of my own health.  I am going to eat foods that make me feel good physically and mentally.  I am going to move in ways that invigorate me and make me want to keep going.  And I am going to complete the AVON 39, something I was unable to do in 2016 because my feet suck.  (I’m still working on getting my feet not to suck, but I bet losing weight will help!)

Are you with me?  Are you going to be a BOSS this year?  Are you going to own your choices?  Then let’s do this!

Let’s get off on the right foot together.  Join my Creating Your Happiness Like A BOSS 7-Day Challenge.  Each day you’ll get a new, simple way to get started on the path to being a BOSS.