Creating My Fitness: Adopting a Healthy Mindset

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“Optimum health requires the mind, physical body, and spirit to be in balance.” – Dr. Joe

Chances are, if you’re unhealthy, you got that way through a string of not so great decisions.  You’ve trained your mind to think unhealthily, to the point where those decisions have become habits.

It's hard to make healthy choices without a healthy mindset. Read on for how to start thinking and living like a healthy person.

What’s Your Why?

To change a behavior, you have to have a reason to change it.

I was watching an episode of “Shark Tank” the other night and Robert told one of the guests that to run a successful business, you need to have a reason to keep going, even when it gets hard.  He went on to say that getting a nice car or a beach house isn’t going to cut it, but that needing to put food on the table for your family will make you get up day in and day out to make it work.

Getting fit is very much the same way.

If you’ve been unsuccessful before, it’s likely because your reason wasn’t stronger than your desire to sit on the couch, eating brownies.

So what’s your why?  When you’re having a really crappy day – you broke up with your boyfriend, you got yelled at by your boss, and your mother called to tell you look fat in your latest profile picture – what’s going to keep you from hit the Ben & Jerry’s?

Here’s mine:

I want to get healthy to be a positive role model for my daughter, so she does not struggle with her weight and health like I do.  But more importantly, I want to be able to be present and active for the major events in her life.

This week, take some time to figure out and write down your why.  Hang it somewhere you can see it, and it will remind you of your true goal on those days when french fries are calling your name.

Would You Rather…?

There’s a game called Would You Rather?  In the game, you’re given 2 options, both unappealing, and you have to choose one.  Well, we’re going to play a different version of this game.

Would you rather… keep enjoying your rich, decadent, unhealthy foods, OR be present for your child’s life.

It’s really that simple.

These days when I want to indulge (or over-indulge) in a treat, I ask myself; Would I rather have this bag of chips, or see my daughter get married?  Do I want this doughnut more than I want to be able to play with my grandchildren?

And I’m not saying a treat now and then isn’t okay.  But many of us have enjoyed way more than an occasional treat.

Go back to your why.  Read it.  Say it out loud.  Chant it.  And share it below in the comments!

It's hard to make healthy choices without a healthy mindset. Read on for how to start thinking and living like a healthy person.

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