How to Rest Effectively and Intentionally as a Mom

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As a mom it's tough to find the time and space to rest. Tough, but so important. Once I discovered that rest could look different for everyone, I started to schedule it in... just like I do with other important things.


During Episode 5 Stacey shares about one thing that we all love but don’t have nearly enough of, rest and relaxation. The lack of complete rest starts the moment we find out we’re pregnant and we don’t find it again until we learn how to take time to relax.

As our children grow up and become more independent we have more time for rest and relaxation or do we?

Rest and relaxation will look different for everyone. There is no “right” way to rest. What Stacey is talking about here is anything that brings you back to center and rejuvenates you. The key is to find what relaxes you and not what you think should relax you.

Stacey gives examples of how relaxation looks for different people and shares tips on how you can find what and where relaxes you. She encourages you to schedule relaxation time in your calendar.

The goal of relaxing is to avoid burnout. You can do this by following her tips that are perfect for busy moms.



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