My closet is a constant battleground… and I’m always losing. Between clothes I wear, clothes I don’t wear but refuse to let go of (I know, I know), and storage of other random crap, it’s almost impossible to find anything in there. My near term goal is to get a handle on the mess. It is completely true that a clean house (closet) helps to relieve stress. Think about your closet and the clutter around your bedroom. I think its one of the areas of our lives where we can just let things go easily because no one else can see it, or should be going into our bedrooms. I may not ever win the war, but I want to at least put up a fight.

Here are some of the best ideas I found on organizing your closet. Let me know if you try any of them! Maybe I can send you some of my crap to store.

Use a soda tab to hook hangers together

Soda Cap to connect hangers

This works well for stacking clothes or keeping outfits together. Plus its extremely cheap for a can pull tab! You can find the more ideas here.

Arrange accessories on a clothing line with clothes pins

Arrange accessories on a clothing line

If you have an open area or open wall this idea works great. I use this to keep some of my top worn items such as scarfs and light pullovers. It keep them within easy reach plus keeps them from being thrown on the floor or shoved into my overfilled dresser. Image Source

2 words: Belt Hanger!

Belt Hanger

How many belts do you have? More than 2 like most women? A belt hanger does two things, it keeps them organized and keeps them straight. What you don’t want to do is roll up that belt and shove it into your dresser. Plus a belt hanger will let you know where to find them.

There are many different variations of belt hangers and you can find a nice cheap one here.

Or just use shower curtain hangers!

shower curtain hangers

These work great for those on a budget or if you don’t want to spend the $10 to get a belt hanger. The problem I had with these is that they tend to break after a number of months use. They are easy to bend and eventually won’t last long. Shower curtain hanger idea comes from here.

Use a wine rack to organize purses.

wine rack to organize purses

How many purses do you own? If you are like me they were probably all on the ground in a corner of the closet never to be used or seen again. The problem with purses, we need a new one for ever occasion and after some use we get tired of the same purse. This simple solution allows me to keep a handful of purses that I can keep organized and makes them easily available for any occasion. Image source.

A shoe rack can hold a lot more than shoes.

shoe rack storage

These work great for the kids rooms. We put socks, underwear and bibs in our hanging shoe rack. The great thing about these, they are super cheap and can help organize any messy closet in no time! There are also many types of shoe rack, we like this one.

Use shower curtain hangers to organize jeans.

shower hooks to hang jeans

These work better than the plastic shower rings. I find that these do work great as long as your closet rod allows for this type of hook. Image source.

Label drawers so anyone can help put away clothes.

Label drawers so children can help put away cloths

This has been a life saver. As children get older they like to help with the laundry. As least our children do. They want to fold, stack and then try to help put them away. Having labels with images and the word helps them to learn their letters, words and allows them to help put their own laundry away. We got this idea from The Handmade Home.