My closet is a constant battleground… and I’m always losing.  Between clothes I wear, clothes I don’t wear but refuse to let go of (I know, I know), and storage of other random crap, it’s almost impossible to find anything in there.  This year I’m trying to get a handle on the mess.  I may not ever win the war, but I want to at least put up a fight.

Here are some of the best ideas I found.  Let me know if you try any of them!  Maybe I can send you some of my crap to store.  Click the image to go to the source.

Use a soda tab to hook hangers together.

Arrange accessories on a clothing line with clothes pins.

2 words: Belt Hanger!

Or just use shower curtain hangers!

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Use a wine rack to organize purses.

A shoe rack can hold a lot more than shoes.

Use shower curtain hangers to organize jeans.

Label drawers so anyone can help put away clothes.