As you progress into your second and third trimesters, sleeping becomes a job in itself and you’re lucky if you manage to get some. If you’re unable to sleep, its always great to indulge yourself in some other activity you like, instead of fretting over insomnia. Watch a movie, read a book or design something you like, the key is to do whatever makes you happy.  Of course, since sleep during pregnancy is vital, here are some tried and true ways to catch some zzzzz’s.

Here are 5 tested ways to improve your sleep cycle during pregnancy.

Use Pregnancy Pillows

When it comes to comfort, pregnancy pillows are a blessing sent from the heavens above. Second and third trimester especially are a challenging phase for moms to be, especially when it comes to finding the perfect sleep position. As discussed on, these pillows adapt to your changing body shape and relieve you of body pain by alleviating pressure off pressure points,

Pregnancy pillows help minimize the discomfort considerably by supporting your growing belly and letting you relax in the half fetal position which is highly recommended by physicians. The cushioning effect your back and belly get lets you rest comfortably for hours without waking up in the middle.

Try Yoga Before Bedtime

Pregnancy, especially first time pregnancies, are all about anxiety and anticipation. All this stress builds up tension in your muscles, which ultimately affects your sleep cycle. Yoga is a natural sleep regulator, which works on the simple idea of stress relief through gentle stretching and strengthening your muscles. By alleviating pressure from the pressure points in your back and shoulders, it regulates your sleep rhythm for you to enjoy restorative sleep without interruption.

However, it is important that you consult a trainer or your doctor to learn about the kinds of yoga you should practice and avoid, since not all yoga types are recommended for pregnant women. This is because every pregnancy is different from the other and its always a bad idea to be your own doctor when it comes to pregnancies.

Avoid Full Meals Before Sleeping

One of the most obvious changes you’ll experience during pregnancy is the effect your diet will have on your sleep schedule and health in general. While you might have been able to sleep comfortably after having a large pizza by yourself earlier in life, anything and almost everything can cause acid reflux while you’re pregnant. This is why you need to cut down on meals before bedtime.

Instead of having one large meal at set times, try eating in smaller servings, multiple times a day. This aids your stomach in digesting the food and minimizes the chances of acid reflux which is the biggest cause of sleep discomfort among pregnant women. Similarly, reduce caffeine and water intake few hours before bedtime.

Do Not Sleep on Your Back

Not only is it uncomfortable, but sleeping on your back during pregnancy is also extremely dangerous as you risk your chance to compress a major blood vessel with the additional weight of the uterus in the belly-up position. This may disrupt blood flow to the fetus and as a result you might feel nauseous, dizzy and sometimes even out of breath.

The ideal sleep position is by your side, in the fetal position. Sleeping to the left is great for digestion and even blood circulation.

Learn Sleep Inducing Techniques

During pregnancy, your body will tell you to fret over a million things and you have to fight back by telling yourself to relax. If you feel anxious at all times, its time to make use of some relaxation techniques. This may include simple things like taking a warm shower before bed, or a muscle relaxing massage from your favorite spa.

You can also start coloring or painting in coloring books which are designed solely for mind relaxation. As much as we blame social media for anxiety, you can always download mobile apps that are specifically made to relieve stress and relax your mind.