Okay, I know there are a million of these posts out there.  I wasn’t going to write one, and then I figured there’s a million of them because they’re fun to write and fun to read.

Know Mom 3

But the real fun is seeing what others would add to the list.  Obviously my 15 little funnies can’t capture the full insanity of being a mom, so please add your own in the comments!

You know you’re a mom when…

1. You can check 7 things off your to-do list while your dinner reheats (again).

2. The songs stuck in your head alternate between Taylor Swift and the them song from Jake and the Never Land Pirates (which you’re now singing… you’re welcome).

3. You have played the game, “Chocolate, Raisin, or Poop?”

4. You can identify toys by the specific pain you get from stepping on them.

5. Netflix suggests titles such as Parks and Recreation, Breaking Bad, and the Octonauts.

6. Your purse contains 1 or 2 personal items and a collection of toys, wipes, and extra clothes to last through several days.

7.  You understand that there are at least 2 times when it’s acceptable to eat in the bathroom; If the only time you’ve been able to eat all day is during your kid’s bath, and if you’re eating something really yummy and don’t want to share.

8. You’re able to listen to, and participate in an intelligent, adult conversation without breaking character from your game of Astronaut, Princess, or Pirate.

9. You have dozens of ways to say no without saying, “No.”  My favorites include, maybe, we’ll see, I think they’re all out of lollypops, the ice cream shop is closed, why don’t we put that on your list for Santa, and ummmm… what?

10. You have a song for every mundane task; Brushing teeth, eating dinner, cleaning up, putting jammies on, and even using the toilet.  The newest favorite in our house is set to the tune of “Drunken Sailor”…

What do we do when we wake up from nap?
What do we do when we wake up from nap?
What do we do when we wake up from nap?
We go use the potty!

11. You can change the channel faster than Doc Holiday could draw if your kid comes in while your watching something inappropriate.

12. You pray endlessly for silence, but when you get it you have to go check to see what’s wrong.

13. Every article of clothing you own has snot, food, or marker (or all 3) on it.

14. You’ve never bought a stuffed animal, but somehow you have a rain forest full of them.

15. You haven’t read a book without pictures or rhymes in several years (possible exception: parenting books).

Got any to add to the list?  Share in the comments.

Know Mom