I asked my teacher friends, “What gifts do you love getting from your students?”  And boy did they respond!  And the best news… no worries if you’re not a crafty person.  The most popular gifts didn’t require any  craft sticks, felt, or Mod Podge.  They’re affordable and easy to get your hands on.

You don't have to have a PhD in crafting to get a great gift for your kid's teacher. Check out these simple, craft-free gifts teachers love!

Non-teaching books.  Teachers read a lot of education related material through the year (and summer, too).  Help them relax and enjoy their summer break with a good book that’s not about classroom management or the latest educational theory.

Classroom supplies.  Many teachers buy these supplies themselves, so a gift of pencils, dry erase markers, and other classroom supplies are always welcome.  Other ideas would be storage and organization items, inspirational posters, and classroom decor.

Mabels Labels*.  These little labels are great for teachers who bring a lot of their own stuff to school.  They perfect for coffee mugs and water bottles, books, iPads or laptops, and anything else the teacher would like to see again after the school year is over.  Plus they come in cute designs!


Photo album.  Gather all those pictures taken throughout the year and make a great personalized keepsake for your class’s teacher – older children can even help!

Gift certificates.  Who doesn’t love gift certificates?  Those little plastic cards are a great gift for just about anyone.  Just make sure that you’re gift certificate is to store your teacher likes and will use the money on him/herself.  Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks are always a safe choice as is Target, Walmart, etc.  Or you could get creative and give a gift certificate to a local spa, a new restaurant, or an experience like zip-lining.

A thank you.  Teachers work tirelessly during the year, and it’s often a thankless job.  Send a note to school thanking your child’s teacher for everything he/she did this year, whether it be organize field trips or special days, help your child through a difficult time, or just be there every day with a smile and the energy to manage all those kids.

When your child is older, have him write a thank you note to each of his teachers.  It can be expensive buying gifts once your kid hits middle school and has 12 different teachers, but a thank you note is free and can mean more than any other gift.

At the end of the day, you don’t have to spend a ton of money or spend hours making a fancy gift for teachers.

What do you think makes a great gift for teachers?