Easy Party Prep

Since we had our fabulous party, the topic of party prep has come up several times.  So here’s my guide to easy party prep for those of you who are trying to clean with young children in the house.

Do as much prep as you can in the week leading up to the party.  You know all that extra energy you have after the kids go to bed?  Put it to good use cooking and cleaning!  Your kids probably won’t mess it up/ eat it all before breakfast.

Say yes.  I don’t know about you, but my kid is always asking to watch tv.  Well, here’s your chance to say yes!  Sure, you could turn party prep into a valuable life lesson, but your guests are showing up in a few hours and it would take her at least that long to get all her toys off the floor.

Use your space effectively.  Kitchen cabinets are a great place to store that collection of pens from random businesses you’ve never been to.  The junk drawer can hold a few more items (as long as you don’t want to open it ever again).  And don’t forget your bedroom.  Unless you’re having one of those parties, no one will be in there.  Pro tip: don’t put anything on your bed.  You’re not going to have the energy to move it after the party.

Pillows are your friend.  A well-placed throw pillow can cover all manner of sins.  Why is there a pillow in the middle of the floor?  Umm… extra seating for the kids!

Pick your battles.  You will eventually realize that you can’t possibly accomplish everything on your list.  Take a moment and think about priorities – start with what will lead to the most neighborhood gossip and/ or refusal of anyone to return to your home.  Bathrooms and the kitchen are a must, but after the first couple people arrive, no one will know if your floors were clean before the party.

If all else fails, blame the kids.

And serve alcohol.



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