The holiday season is all about spending time together as a family. What better way to enjoy each other’s company than by coming together in the kitchen and making some delicious food? And there are so many benefits to teaching your children to cook. In addition to creating an excuse to spend time with your kids, cooking together can also provide your children with some valuable life lessons. Whether you’re searching for a fun sweet treat to create with your kids or a delicious holiday side or snack that will teach your kids how to cook, there’s something for you on this list.

Whether you’re searching for a fun sweet treat to create with your kids or a delicious holiday side or snack that will teach your kids how to cook, there’s something for you on this list. These 15 easy holiday recipes your kids can help make will have your family working together to create something yummy in no time.

These 15 easy holiday recipes your kids can help make will have your family working together to create something yummy in no time.

White Chocolate Oreo Snowmen | In the Kid’s Kitchen

This no bake holiday treat is the perfect recipe to make with your kids. In addition to be so simple a child of any age could do it, these cute Oreo snowmen also a great way to connect with your kids without having to worry about ingredients. All you need to do is dip them in chocolate and work together to create an adorable snowman face.

Grinch Snowball Cookies | The Soccer Mom Blog

Bring your kid’s favorite Christmas book to life with these fun, and simple, snowball cookies. These easy-to-make cookies are made of simple ingredients and the clear instructions have steps a child of any age can handle. Your kids will have a blast reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas while eating these cute green cookies – almost as much fun as they have making the cookies with you!

Sweet Potato Casserole | Dancing Through the Rain

While sweet treats are often a holiday staple, getting your kids involved in cooking some Christmas sides is another fun way to get them to help out in the kitchen. This simple sweet potato casserole is a great choice for family cooking. With a short list of ingredients and easy instructions, your little chefs will enjoy helping you prepare this part of the holiday meal.

No-Bake Santa Cheesecakes | Super Healthy Kids

On top of being a simple, child-friendly recipe, these adorable Santa cheesecakes are also a healthy dessert. Using pre-made cookies, no-bake cheesecake, and strawberries, this easy recipe is perfect for a kid of any age to put together. It’s so easy, in fact, they can probably construct these cute Santa hats all on their own.

Christmas Tree Waffles | Little Sunny Kitchen

Get your kids involved in Christmas morning breakfast by asking them to help you make these cute Christmas tree waffles. You can let them help whip up the batter while you man the waffle iron, or just ask them to construct the Christmas trees on each family member’s plate.

Christmas Popcorn | Salt and Lavender

With only three ingredients, this easy holiday snack is a very kid-friendly Christmas treat. And the combination of salty popcorn and sweet chocolate and sprinkles is a delicious way to enjoy some family time together this holiday season.

Crockpot Creamed Corn | Kitchen Dreaming

This simple Crockpot recipe is a great option for your little kitchen helpers. Since it’s cooked in the slow cooker, you don’t have to worry about them dealing with a hot stovetop or oven. All they need to do is measure the ingredients, place them in the pot, set the crockpot, and wait for the delicious holiday side dish to finish cooking.

Christmas Fudge | Tweenhood

This simple, candy-filled chocolate fudge is so easy to make, your kids can probably do all on their own. Made with chocolate chips, marshmallows, and chocolate candies, your whole family will love eating this fudge, no matter who makes it.

Peppermint Chocolate Marshmallows | Baking Beauty

Peppermint and chocolate are classic Christmas flavors. Spend a few minutes with your kids this holiday making a classic Christmas treat. These simple chocolate dipped marshmallows are so easy, a child of any age can assist in making them.

Mashed Potatoes | The Anthony Kitchen

Mashed potatoes are another simple holiday side dish that is wonderful for kid bakers. Whether you give your child the task of mashing the potatoes or simply ask them to help with recipe measurements, you’ll love this simple recipe with detailed instructions for cooks with any level of experience.

Brownie Christmas Trees | Drugstore Divas

While many families spend time together decorating cookies during the holidays, why not change it up this year and decorate brownies instead? These cute brownie Christmas trees are a great way to bring your family together to create a festive dessert. And each family member can be creative with this fun recipe by designing their own Christmas tree on each brownie.

Easy Christmas Chocolates | Snapshot and Snippets

Easy is the keyword in this recipe. Your kids can help create these fun Christmas chocolates by creating hearts with candy canes, pouring the chocolate, or decorating with sprinkles.

Christmas Tree Snacks | Eating Richly

If you’re looking for a healthy kid-friendly recipe option, you need to check out these cute Christmas tree snacks. Not only are these snacks filled with healthy fruits and vegetables, but they’re also fun to make. Your kids will have a blast constructing Christmas trees with their food.

Candy Cane Cookies | Home Cooking Memories

In addition to being delicious and festive, these cute sugar cookies are also fun to make. Younger kids will have fun rolling out the dough into “snakes” to construct the stripes, while older kids will love twisting the dough together to form a candy cane.

Christmas Rice Krispie Treats | Courtney’s Sweets

When looking for kid-friendly treats, Rice Krispie treats are always a great option. These no-bake snacks are perfect for bakers of any age – even small children can easily form a ball of treats to create some adorable Rice Krispie ornaments.


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