You may or may not know, but I have a slight Crock Pot addiction.  I have 6, of various sizes, that I use to make meals, appetizers for parties, and even air fresheners for the holidays.

But my most often used Crock Pot is my Crock Pot Mini.  I use it every day for a hot lunch at school without having to eat cafeteria food – yuck.  See, I get up ridiculously early in the morning.  I do this so I can shower, dress, and do some work before everyone else gets up.  But many mornings that precious time is taken up by trying to pack lunch that I can actually eat at school and will keep me full through the rest of my day.  And it has to be easy.  To make, to eat, and to pack.

If you're looking for a easy, healthy, delicious hot lunch option for work or home, check out this creative Mini Crock Pot Omelette

At first I used it the typical way, to warm up leftovers from the night before or heat soup.  But then I started thinking… what if I used my Crock Pot Mini to cook food, not just heat it up?  The idea came to me when I was eating pasta that I’d warmed up that was a little on the mushy side (that’s not how I had cooked it).  If it could cook pasta, what else could it cook?

Well, I wouldn’t go putting raw meat in there, but I did find one thing my Crock Pot Mini is particularly good at cooking – Eggs!

What’s even better is that not only are eggs pretty much a super food, but I’m an egg-a-holic.  Seriously.  They’re my desert island food.

Get your ingredients prepped.  My personal favorite is mushrooms and cheese, but you can toss in just about anything you’d put in a traditional omelette.  I’ve also had broccoli and ham, which is good, too.  Since starting my new healthy journey I’ve started substituting Egg Beaters for 1 of the eggs, but that’s up to you.  You’ll want about a cup of veggies, a couple of tablespoons of cheese, and salt and pepper to taste.


Spray your Crock Pot Mini with cooking spray.  It will cook fine without it, but it will be a pain in the patoot to clean out if you don’t.  Add veggies, then cheese, then eggs.  I don’t know if the order really matters, but I feel better doing it that way.  You could go wild and put eggs in first if you’re feeling crazy.  Give a shake of salt and pepper to add some pizzazz, and whisk everything together with a fork.


Plug in your Crock Pot Mini about an hour and a half before you plan to eat, and at lunch you will have a healthy, delicious, hot lunch.  Mine sits on the corner of my desk and blends right in to my Sharpie collection…



You can eat straight from the Crock Pot, but I find that putting my food on a plate helps me feel more satisfied.  Plus it just looks better.  Eat it hot and make your belly happy!

Are you intrigued?  You can get your own Crock Pot Mini from Amazon* here or from Target* here.

If you're looking for a easy, healthy, delicious hot lunch option for work or home, check out this creative Mini Crock Pot Omelette