Back by popular demand, gift ideas for people who already have everything!  For those people on your gift list that are impossible to buy for, here are some great ideas in every price range.



Onyx Wearable Walkie Talkies.  For the Star Trek lovers in your life.  These wearable walkie talkies work like the communicators worn by Kirk and Picard.  Also great for non-Trekkies who want hands-free communication, like paint ball enthusiasts.  They have unlimited range and unlimited channels so you can talk to people all over the world.


CHiP. CHiP is a trainable robot dog that will even show you affection!  He can play fetch with his smart ball, and will learn to recognize you and follow your commands.  No 2 CHiPs will be alike because they will adjust to your household’s needs and expectations.


Echo Dot.  Create a completely connected smart house, and manage the whole thing from your Echo.  Turn on the light before you get out of bed in the morning, or turn up the heat from your comfy chair.  The Echo can also play your personal playlists and order from Amazon, all by voice command.


Levitating speaker. Impress everyone with this portable bluetooth speaker.  Stream from any of the major services for a full 8 hours before needing a recharge.


Ellia Gather Diffuser.  This diffuser is not only functional, it’s beautiful.  With color changing light, relaxing sounds, and a gentle aroma it’s almost hypnotizing.


Handmade State Coasters.  Get a set of 4 coasters custom made in the shape of any state.  Great for people who’ve moved a lot, or have family spread around the country.  2 finishes available and you can get them with or without cupholes.


Ryan Gosling Pillow Case.  Do I need to say anything about this?  It sells itself, am I right?


Essential Wine Tools.  The collection contains an electric wine opener, an aerator that automatically aerates wine as you pour, and glass markers in 4 colors so guests can identify their own glass.


Wine Wipes.  For the wine enthusiast that doesn’t want their teeth to show it.  Gently wipe red wine stains away, leaving a beautiful smile.


Toaster Tongs.  Never burn fingers taking that piping hot bagel out of the toaster again.  Yes, really.


Foodie Dice Seasonal Food Pouch.  Have a foodie in your life who can never think of what to make for dinner?  Try these handmade wooden dice to come up with something fun, creative, and seasonal.


PetPeek Fence Window. Don’t forget the 4-legged friends!  Dog lovers will adore this window that lets their pup see the rest of the world while staying safely contained in the yard.


Menorasaurus Rex.  For your coolest Jewish friends.

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