We all have people on our gift list who already have everything.  As someone who really tries to buy with thought and care, that can make things difficult.  This year I’ve put together a collection of out-of-the-box gift ideas for those hard to buy for people on your list.

Are there people on your gift list you always struggle to buy for? Check out this list of out-of-the-box gift ideas for those hard to buy for loved ones.

Please note, items marked with an asterisk* are being sold by a company with which I have an affiliate relationship.  I will earn a small commission if you purchase through these links.

Time Turner*: For the true Harry Potter fan.  An authentic recreation of Hermione’s Time Turner as featured in the movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban . The Time Turner is centered with a working miniature hourglass and its inner rings rotate.

Turntable*: Convert your vinyl collection directly to MP3 format without a computer with this direct MP3 encoding system from the turntable to a USB flash drive or SD/MMC card. This unit contains a belt driven 3-speed stereo turntable (33/45/78 RPM) and an AM/FM stereo receiver with digital frequency display. It works as a stand alone music system or connects to your home stereo system.

Printing Pen
3D Printing Pen: Artists can download blueprints of a 6″-tall Eiffel Tower, a napkin holder, or even Istanbul’s Sultan Ahmed Mosque, trace the designs and mend them together with the 3D pen, creating hand-drawn three-dimensional objects.

Wish Lanterns*: Light-weight and easy to carry Biodegradable, flame resistant and non-hazardous fuel cell is environmentally friendly wax

Musical Wine Glasses: Turn the sophisticated pleasures of wine drinking into an experience that’s musical, memorable, and above all, fun. Just fill our goblet to the desired note, and run your moistened finger around the rim of the glass. Soon, like a bow on the strings of a violin, your finger will cause the glass to vibrate, and a crystal-clear note will sound.

Automatic Home Canning System*: Featuring SmartPreserve technology, the auto canner precisely controls the exact time and temperature required to safely preserve most canning recipes without any additional input from the user. Ball’s most popular canning recipes come pre-programmed for perfect results every time.

OCD Chef Cutting Board*: Finally, a cutting board that is as exacting in its standards as you are. A multitude of guide lines a different grid sizes and angles ensure your cuts are precise. Lines are burnished in rather than printed, so they won’t wear off. This board features guides for medium dice, small dice, brunoise, fine brunoise, batonnet, allumette, julienne, and fine julienne.

Big Keyboard: Everyone from little kids to BIG grownups will hanker for a turn on the Giant Piano Mat. This soft keyboard features 25 large, touch-sensitive keys so you can literally tap out a melody. Or, find a partner and perform a duet.

iPad Foosball Table*: New Potato Technologies has introduced a new version of Classic Match Foosball for iPad. It is now Bluetooth Smart, compatible with iPad 3rd gen, 4th gen and the new iPad Air. This complements the original 30 pin model, which works with iPad 1, 2 and 3. Featuring multiple languages including French, German, Italian, Greek and English with customized uniforms based on flags from over 40 different countries, now ALL iPad users can experience the thrill of realistic gameplay with Classic Match Foosball!

Perfect Bake App Controlled Smart Baking: Why do some cookies taste better? Because the baker used a good recipe and followed it exactly. That means baking by weight. With Perfect Bake, you can nix the measuring cups! Simply pick from hundreds of baker-tested recipes and follow real-time instructions for adding ingredients, mixing and baking. The virtual bowl  fills up on screen as you add ingredients and even adjusts the recipe if you overpour.


New year, new list!  Check out the 2016 Gift Ideas for People Who Already Have Everything!

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