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I hate to admit it, but sometimes, kids need to be bribed to go outside. Playing in the backyard or going
to the beach are exciting activities in themselves and don’t need much motivation. On the other hand, if
the suggested activity is a family hike (and your kids are like mine) you might be met with groans.

Healthy coconut muffins for your next family adventure. Use this easy to make coconut trail mix muffin recipe to help refuel your kids and get them moving.

Study after study show that outdoor activity and play is vital for growing children. Nature can challenge
their muscles, refresh their energy, and strengthen their senses. Kids don’t get enough outside time
during the school week. Some reports have pegged outdoor time as low as 7 minutes per day for
American school aged kids! To counteract this, parents need to grab hold of those weekends and start
making family wilderness outings a priority. Now, how do you get your kids motivated and eager for
family hiking and outdoor adventures?

I’ve learned to come armed to hiking proposals with a fresh batch of snacks in hand. If your kids are like
mine, they won’t say no to homemade baking. Is this bad parenting? Well, I don’t think so.

Hiking is hard work. Depending on the length and terrain of the trail, you should plan to refuel at some
point during the adventure. Now, if I were offering my kids a box of cookies, then go ahead and judge
me if it makes you feel better. However, offering kids a few healthy muffins to keep them energized is exactly what they need.

I can’t help it if the muffins are so tasty that my kids can’t resist them… and get excited for the
hike where the muffins will be served.

These muffins have a distinct coconut flavor and the perfect amount of sweetness. They are low in fat
and sugar and depending on your add-ins will have varying levels of fiber and protein. This is an easy
one-bowl recipe, starting with the wet ingredients and ending with the dry ingredients. It will make
about 18 muffins depending on your add-ins and muffin tin sizes.


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