Mulligan 1

Remember when we were kids, if something didn’t go the way we wanted or expected it to, we would just shout, “Do over!” and we’d try again?

Maybe it’s because everyone knows kids are still learning how everything work and are expected to make mistakes that this was acceptable.  Maybe it’s because we were just pushing the boundaries to see what we could get away with.  Maybe it’s because all the other kids knew that, at some point, they’d need a do over, too, that they didn’t protest too much.

I’m not sure at what point do overs stopped being a legitimate tool, but I think we should bring them back.  After all, just because we’re adults now doesn’t mean we know everything.  We’re still learning and figuring things out as we go, just like when we were kids.

Now, I guess, the stakes are higher.  Our mistakes could reflect badly on our employers, or have a negative consequence on our kids.  But does that mean we’re not entitled to the occasional do over?

No way!

I’m here to tell you that October 17 is National Mulligan Day!

No one is perfect, so give yourself a break!  Burnt the toast?  Take a mulligan.  Spilled your coffee?  Take a mulligan!  Accidentally hit reply all on a profanity-laced rant about your boss?  Well, I can’t help you there.  But you can take a mulligan at your next job.

Need an extra push?

Try this yummy drink called a Mulligan from Back Down South (full post here):

  • 6 oz Firefly Sweet Tea Bourbon (or Sweet Tea Vodka).
  • 3 oz water.
  • 1.5 oz fresh lemon juice.
  • Handful of ice.
  • Lemon wheel to garnish.

If that doesn’t make a bad day better, I don’t know what does.

And remember, you don’t need to wait until October 17th to give yourself a break.  You’re a perfectly imperfect human being and are worthy of a second chance.  So take it easy on yourself, and take a mulligan!

We are perfectly imperfect human beings and we're going to make mistakes. Give yourself a break and take a mulligan!