As moms we give up essentially every other holiday to our families.  But Mother’s Day is, and always will be, one day just for us.

Of course we always love home made gifts from our kids – I can never get enough macaroni art and glitter – but let’s talk about how Dad can show his appreciation.

Maid service.  You know those chores that have to be done all. the. time?  Hire someone else to do them.  Let someone else take care of the vacuuming, the dusting, and the bathrooms.  Mother’s Day is also a great time for a deep cleaning of carpets, or the house in general.

Side note: No hot women in French maid’s uniforms.

Spa day.  There’s a reason this is a popular gift choice.  It’s awesome.  If you want to do something original, find a spa that offers a unique treatment rather than just a massage.  Or just go for the classic.  Either one will be a pleasant, relaxing hit.

Gift certificate to her favorite store.  One where she can’t buy laundry detergent and dog food.  It’s no secret that I love Target.  If I could I’d sneak in and spend the night there, I would.  But if you give me a gift certificate to Target it will get used on household necessities, not me.  A better gift would be one to a clothing store your special lady frequents, a store that sells something she’s mentioned wanting, or someplace a little outside of her comfort zone.

Whatever she wants.  I once asked Mr. O for a food processor for Valentine’s Day and he, of course, got it for me.  He took a lot of heat from other people about it, but it truly was what I wanted.  This year my list includes a circular saw and hand sander for my DIY projects.  I’m sure there will be more teasing involved, but who cares?  Pay attention to little hints that might be dropped and you could surprise her with an amazing present this year.

Another alternative, search for her Amazon wish list.

An experience.  Whether it’s an experience for her alone, you as a family, couple, mother/child, or with friends, getting out of the house is always a great gift.  Need some ideas?  Here are a few to get you started:

  • A day of shopping
  • Take a class to learn something new
  • Mommy’s day out (plan with some couple friends for Dads to watch the kids while Moms go out)
  • Explore your area, act like a tourist

Take care of the details.  For my 30th birthday Mr. O, not quite my husband yet, planned an amazing day for us.  We had meals, activities, movies, historical tours, and more.  It was wonderful.  But do you know what was the best part?  When I mentioned that we’d need to get someone to let our dog out while we were gone, he said he’d already taken care of it.  I had to do nothing to prepare for this day.

What NOT to get.  There’s no real definite answer here – every woman is different – but here are some things you might want to stay away from:

  • Anything she has to take care of
  • Something that’s really for you
  • Something you obviously bought at a drugstore on your way home
  • What she’s specifically said she doesn’t want

Gentlemen, don’t underestimate the value of the little things.  Watch your wife and take note of all the things she does, then make sure those things are covered.  Minding the details will not only give your wife a real day off, they’ll let her know that you notice and appreciate all those little things she does.

And remember, when Mom’s happy, everyone’s happy!

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