“Oh, your mom’s a blogger,
That must be cool,” they say
But they don’t know the half of it,
Or what it’s like every day

I always must be ready
For a smile or photo op
While making a craft or eating my snack
The flashes never stop

Every cute little story is published
All the embarrassing ones, too
There’s no such thing as private
When a blogger lives with you

The calendar says February
Snow is on the ground
But Mom needs posts for her blog
So Easter Bunnies abound

Dinner is prepared now
The table is all set
But no one may take a bite
Mom doesn’t have a picture yet

Oh, it’s hard to live with a blogger
Though it can be fun, I admit
But I guess as long as she feeds and clothes me
I’ll have to deal with it!

Does your blogging drive you family nuts sometimes?  Share in the comments (in verse or not).

Lament 3

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