How to Dry a Pre-Schooler's Hair

Until now Miss O’s bedtime bath or shower was followed by a lengthy bedtime ritual, which allowed her hair to dry enough for her to sleep comfortably.  Unfortunately, she seems to have been genetically “blessed” with my incredibly dense head of hair.  It’s very fine, my hair.  There’s just a ton of it.  Because of all this hair, it takes forever to dry, meaning I now have the pleasure of drying Miss O’s hair with a dryer.

So, for those of you who’ve never had the joy of this experience, or those of you thinking of trying it for the first time, here’s a simple guide for how to dry a pre-schooler’s hair.

1. Remove wet child from tub/shower.

2. Towel dry hair as much as possible.  You want as little dryer time as possible.

3. Tell child that the dryer might be loud, but it’s not going to hurt her.

4. Turn the dryer on low and warm.

5. Retrieve naked child from the room to which she ran, screaming.

6. Turn the dryer on low and cool – warm was apparently 1 degree over room temperature, and therefore, too hot.

7. Turn dryer to high to cover sounds of child crying and (hopefully) get this over with.

8. Apologize several times for hitting her in the head with the dryer/ hair whipping her in the face/ holding the dryer in 1 spot too long.

9. Make a mental note to tip your hairdresser better next time.

10. Run hands through slightly damp hair and decide that’s good enough.


How to Dry a Pre-Schooler's Hair 2

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