The word “playdate” is likely to bring eye rolls and heavy sighs from many.  It’s become synonymous with crazy, over-the-top craftaholic competitions to make Pinterest worthy snacks, activities, and even goody bags.  Yes, people give goody bags at playdates.

Does the word playdate have you reaching for the Advil? Follow these simple tips for a low-maintenance, fun for everyone playdate.

No wonder those of us less crafty moms are hesitant to invite people over.  Who knows if they’ll be disappointed if their kid doesn’t go home with some sort of memento of the day?

Here’s the deal.  I give up.  You win, crafty mom with your homemade cricut board game and veggies in the shape of the latest cartoon craze.  I concede that you are the master of the Mod Podge universe.

Now, it’s only right to say that I am not, in any way, judging those of you who are crafty people.  If your method of relaxing is carving animal shapes into the watermelon that’s going to be devoured in 30 seconds, more power to you.  Really.  To each their own.

However, I am not that mom.

So when you come to my house for a play date you can expect things to be a little more… basic.  And my fellow “I have no patience for this crap moms,” rejoice!  The burden has been lifted.  Feel free to invite your kids’ friends over, throw a bag of open chips on the table and put your feet up while you’re praised for being the best mom ever.

Seriously.  Do kids really need every single day to be amazing?  Isn’t the fact that I’m dragging my butt across town to the house of a stranger so that she can play with her BFF of the week enough?

I say, yes.  Yes, it is enough.

When we come to your house, we will delight in Doritos and store-bought baked goods.  We will be grateful just to play with your toys and laugh together.  We will exchange thanks and a hug when we leave, and nothing more.

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