Child to Know

Though it feels a little morbid, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I really want Miss O to know as she grows up.  It reads a little like a list I’d leave if I were suffering from a terminal illness (I’m not), but it’s really just random thoughts that I decided to write down… perhaps more for myself than for her.

This list, which I’m sure will expand over the years, is based mostly on what I see people around me, and myself if I’m being completely honest, doing.  Some good.  Some not so good.  It is not in any particular order and it’s not meant to be an insult to people who don’t follow this list to a T.

What I want my child to know:

Always prioritize the people you’re with over those on your device.  Value face-to-face interaction over the virtual kind.  Always.

Do one thing at a time.  Focus, concentrate, and give each task your full attention.

Don’t expect a reward.  Do things to the best of your ability because that’s how you become the best person you can be, not for a trophy.

Choose your people wisely.  The people you hang around with will color and shape you in ways you won’t realize until years later.

Do something that makes the world a more beautiful place.  Dance, play music, sing, create works of art, build furniture, garden, knit, weave baskets… whatever.

Listen more than you speak.  God gave you 2 ears and only 1 mouth for a reason.

Text-Speak is not a real language.  Using “u” instead of “you” is lazy and unbecoming.  What you have to say is worth taking the time to use proper English.  And so are the people you’re writing to.

Keep in touch with people.  Whether you’re moving, graduating, or starting a new job, make the effort to keep in touch with people you’re leaving behind.

The internet lasts forever.  Choose wisely what you share with the world.

Master at least 1 skill.  There is tremendous value in being truly great at something.  Anything.

Play a team sport.  To be on a team is to depend on people and have them depend on you.  Play soccer, run track, dive, or fence, just be a teammate.

Try new things.  You never know where, or to whom, they’ll lead.

Tell people you love them.  Every chance you get.

What would add to this list?  Share in the comments.

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