4 Easy Ways to Un-Busy Your Life

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Let's drop our addiction to being busy. Check out these 4 simple ways to simplify your life and have more time for what's important.


Learn why “busy” is Stacey’s least favorite word in the English dictionary and why she believes “busy” is an addition in the United States.

During this episode of the Busy Mom Collective Stacey shares easy, actionable tips on how to be unbusy and take back the joy of doing nothing.

Think about the last time someone asked you how you were doing. Was your reply “busy, but good?” Ask yourself, is “busy” really how you want to live your life?

Listen in for four simple ways to go from replying “I’m busy, but good” to being able to genuinely say “I’m good,” quit the “busy” addiction, and learn how to plan some downtime for you. Yes, it really is possible.

She ends with a reminder that taking meaningful action doesn’t have to be an all or nothing thing, its a day by day thing and it’s a process.  It’s going to take some time so give yourself some grace and give it a try.

Links mentioned in the show

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