5 Ways to Gain 10 lbs By Halloween

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The calendar has only just flipped to September and ads for pumpkin flavored treats are already popping up everywhere.  In keeping with our tradition of starting our holiday prep years in advance, I thought I’d share some surefire ways to gain 10 lbs by Halloween.

Decorate your house.  Today.  Take out the fake cobwebs (or just don’t clear away the real ones), put pumpkins everywhere, and slap a giant ghost on your front door.  That will really get you in the spirit.  The other thing decorations will do is get you into a psychologically weak state.  You’ll feel better indulging because, “It’s a holiday!”

Buy your Halloween candy now.  It’s on sale, right?  Go ahead and buy it.  Put it away and when Halloween comes you’ll be all set – as long as your neighbors’ kids don’t mind sharing the 1 peanut butter cup you haven’t eaten.  Of course we won’t mention that it’s actually the 3rd bag you bought after tearing through the first 2 the day you bought them (after your kids were in bed).

Do Halloween crafts.  Go ahead, Martha Stewart your whole house.  Not only will it get you in the Halloween spirit (see above), you can indulge in a piece of candy, or 10, while you’re making it.  Hmmm.  What happened to the candy?

Go to fairs and festivals.  Ride the haunted hay ride.  Walk the haunted corn maze.  Go to Salem to see all the creepy witch stuff.  And while you’re there you have to try some of the local delicacies, like pumpkin frappaccinos, pumpkin fried dough, and apple fritters.  It’s healthy, right?  And it would be rude not to.  Don’t forget to bring home some cider, pie, and treats for later!

Bake Halloween treats.  Orange marshmallow treats, Frankenstein fingers, and cups of dirt with gravestones on them.  The kids will go crazy over them, you’ll win mom of the year from the Academy of Pinterest Arts, and you’ll get to share those in those HGTV-worthy treats with your kids!

So don’t worry if you’re the only mom on the block without a sexy muffin-top.  There’s still plenty of time to get one!  And a double chin, too!

Need a way to get rid of those pesky rock-hard abs and sleek arms? Try these surefire ways to gain 10 lbs by Halloween!


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