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I’m Stacey, just your average working mom.  Teacher by day.  Mom by night.  Exhausted all the time.

My family and I live in Western Connecticut where I have discovered the joy of cooking fresh meals, growing my own food, and D.I.Y. projects.

My goal is simple: To love the life I have!

About Stacey

When I first started Creating My Happiness it was actually part of a failed attempt at direct sales.  And though my foray into network marketing didn’t work out, one good thing that came out of it was this blog, a little piece of my heart.

I have B.S. in Music and a B.A. in Education from the University of Connecticut and have been teaching music to kids of all ages for 15 years, focusing on middle school for the vast majority of that.  (No, I’m not crazy.  I just love my crazy kids!)  I continued on to get my M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction and an advanced certificate in Educational Leadership.  Will I ever make the leap into administration?  Only time will tell.

You see, plans tend to change when you have a child.  They change even more when that child comes into the world 8 weeks early.  These days I’m less interested in the latest educational theory than I am in potty training, and whether or not to sneak veggies into my daughter’s food.

Most recently I made the decision not to have weight loss surgery and to get healthy on my own.  I hope to use my own struggles and triumphs to inspire others to live a more healthy life.

It brings me great joy to share little bits of my life and (hopefully) help people create a little more happiness in theirs.  Here you’ll find tips and tricks for making your life simpler, recipes, and a few stories along the way.

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