We spend one third of our lives just sleeping, yet almost each and everyone of us has experienced rough, cramped nights at one point or the other . While most of us tend to hold our lifestyles responsible for this frequent unrest, a big contributor to this dilemma is a messy and uncomfortable bedroom as well. If you want your bedroom to be sleep friendly, it should be place solely dedicated to your comfort.

A good night's sleep is crucial to being at our best, but many of us are having trouble sleeping. While there are many reasons for insomnia, there are things we can do to make our bedroom sleep friendly.

It should be luxurious, soothing and must instill an instant relief in you, as you enter. And if its not giving you that relaxing feeling, then its time you update your sleeping sanctuary in the following way:

Keep it Simple and Clean

If you are guilty of keeping everything in your room and turning it into an extension of your junk drawer, then you can expect being restless when its time to rest. The logic is simple- the cleaner and simpler a room looks, the more easy it is for your mind to focus rather than get distracted by random stuff. This is why designers use subtle and neutral tones in bedrooms, just to avoid the whole over-powering appeal.

Know Your Bedding

How can you even consider being comfortable if you are still using your mattress from the seventh grade? You can be sure of this little tidbit- Any mattress that has lasted more than 8 years has a good chance of being damaged and while you try to reuse your duvets and sheets, they also die out pretty soon. Because most of us are habitual of resorting to cheaper options, the end result is usually detrimental to us in the end. So the drill here is simple- get yourself some high quality bedding and a good quality mattress. Go for a mattress with buckling column gel, like Purple mattress, if you experience hot flashes and night sweats during sleep.

Keep it Cool and Dark

Yes, bedrooms are always imagined to be warm and cozy, but that’s only for the general appeal. In order to relax and sleep, you need cooler temperatures and darker rooms. The sleep hormone melatonin likes the 18 to 22 degree Celsius temperature range, so respect that if you want to sleep good. Plus, for the light, you really need to dull it down. Block the street lights and sun light by investing in dark color drapes. Also, while you are at it, ditch the night lights completely and if you have to use them, only use them as a substitute for brighter lights so that you don’t expose yours to brighter lights at night.

Scent it up

While you are designing your room for better sleep patterns, don’t leave your nose out of the picture- after all, our sense of smell is the strongest sense out of all. There is a reason why aroma-therapies are such a big thing and why people are addicted to perfumes. Lavender, rose and chamomile are known to uplift mood, instantly relax the mind and create a soothing environment. After a long hard day, who won’t like coming to a nice, clean room that smells like flowers?

Love Your Rugs

Other than lying on your bed, you will be walking around in your room too and your comfort should begin the moment you set your foot in. This is why you should be touchy about your floors and get yourself those nice, fluffy rugs whose texture will make you feel like you are walking on cloud. Place these rugs right by your bed side, so that the first and last thing your feet touch are not the hard, cold floor. Consider shag, silk, chenille or even faux fur rug options for they can make your room aesthetically pop too.