I’ve been on a kielbasa kick lately, which has resulted in some pretty delicious dinners, and this one didn’t disappoint.  Even better than that, it couldn’t be any easier to make.

This amazingly simple recipe will have your whole family asking for more. Just 2 ingredients, kielbasa and maple syrup, and you have a fantastic dinner!


1 Kielbasa
Maple Syrup


Seriously, it’s that simple.  Slice the kielbasa, throw it in a saute pan until it’s slightly browned.

Dump on some maple syrup – nothing fancy, whatever you have.  I actually think the cheaper syrup works better for this.  If you need a starting measurement go with about a cup.  I usually just pour it over the kielbasa like it were pancakes, so each piece gets a little bit and there’s a small pool in the bottom of the pan.

Continue cooking over medium-high heat until the syrup caramelizes and the thought of cleaning the bottom of your pan makes you want to cry.  (Don’t worry, it’s not that bad.)


The kielbasa will have little chunks of caramelized syrup on it and the edges will start to take on a burnt look.  That’s usually my cue it’s done.

This also makes a great appetizer if you make a large batch – serve on toothpicks hot or cold.